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for Percy Jackson and The Olympians: Highschool

2/25/2013 c3 Tripoli
OMG write more!
2/24/2013 c2 Easter
2/25/2013 c4 2bookandhorsenerd
I like your story. It just seems like the chapters are to short.
2/24/2013 c3 allen r
very nice hapter but needed some more fluff like a hug o kiss lol.
2/24/2013 c2 allen r
hope we get fluff soon
2/23/2013 c1 14ever-A-Nightmare
Honestly, its REALLY confusing... Can ya explain it to me, I'm a bit dumb today.
2/21/2013 c1 6Harry Artemis Jackson
High School, maybe even Highschool. Not Highshcool. Try to spell words in the title right, it puts people of when you don't. Update!
2/21/2013 c1 allen r
great story looking forward to more. just dont ever break them up please.
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