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5/12/2018 c6 Guest
Well this was pathetic and disappointing
5/12/2018 c3 Guest
Hope the team find out how much of a bitch kensi was but so far you seem to obly focus on kensi and making it like SHE is the damn victim not deeks
5/12/2018 c1 Guest
And wait for it in the end he eill forgive her and go on as if she didn't say it at all just like all other fanfics cause fans seem to think deeks is very easy to walk all over.

Tho tyays the shows fault as he already put up the the physical abuse from her
6/2/2014 c1 Guest
not sure if you still receive your reviews but you are delusional to paint such an evil Kensi. Very glad you stopped writing you suck at it.
8/5/2013 c6 Pineapplejuicerules
Keep going. It's interesting.
7/4/2013 c6 Guest
6/30/2013 c6 17lovepride
love it
6/25/2013 c6 Guest
what happens?
6/24/2013 c1 Guest
I really don't think kendo is capable of that cruelty no matter what happened. It well written and has a good plot, it's just a bit OOC to me.
4/6/2013 c4 Guest
please continue with this story?
4/7/2013 c2 36Bard15 offense...Kensi is a bitch in canon so the story isn't off the mark
3/17/2013 c3 jmlane1966
Such a sad story. Poor Deeks that guy can't catch a break.

I wish I could muster some sympathy for Kensi, but I can't. She is do childish sometimes. The things she said to him were inexcusable.

I know it's fiction, but I've had that experience of someone I trust and having a bad day and lashing out, it is never okay to attack someone that had shown such concern. Maybe you are trying to teach her a lesson, but poor Deeks has never had anybody care about him.
3/14/2013 c3 Guest
update please
3/14/2013 c3 CBurns1995
this is such a good fic so far :D
3/14/2013 c3 20guesswhofern
Your story is so thrilling! Looking forward to the new one. Update soon! :)
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