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6/26/2022 c2 Unknown
Maybe the ending could be them meeting Rin again which this new way of seeing him and reacting to him while Rin reacts to them?
12/16/2018 c2 katula456
1/27/2018 c2 2Killua Lawliet
I think that you should include their reaction to seeing Rin again if you want to improve the ending
8/14/2016 c2 2Tsubaki Yuzuki
I think you should write about how they changed when they see Rin again. Rin would be really confused and the exwires would apologise and all!
4/12/2016 c2 27TETRACIDE
Here's how to make it better:::
make them meet rin and show us how exactly they had changed!
4/12/2016 c1 TETRACIDE
father fujimoto said "get lots of friends and girlfriends"...
3/18/2016 c2 Screw you
Screw you!continue the damn story
12/5/2015 c2 emmytink
I feel like you should continue this and have them see Rin... idk
7/1/2015 c2 Guest
It was worth the wait. But you could add some parts such as the first day of cram school, or when he first met Mephisto. Also as an extra chapter the afterthoughts of the characters and how they changed their way of thoughts to Rin.
5/20/2015 c2 nicoleAnE
This was… AMAZING!
3/27/2015 c2 kittymotheangry
I think you should do another chapter with a paragraph or so of every ones individual thoughts about what they had seen. Then bring rin in and have them confess what they had seen or explain how they feel or some thing. I think you could make it very interesting this way and because your really good at writing lol. Kitty ( w )
3/26/2015 c2 7Liria Dendron
Love, love, love! This is amazing!
3/25/2015 c2 2casualotaku27
This was great. Maybe do a point of view of the other characters in your next story
3/25/2015 c2 Guest
I think you should also add in the memories of when Rin and Yukio were fighting the hobgoblins in the beginning and Yukio blames Rin.
3/24/2015 c2 5Natsuki D
I almost cried because of this chapter and now my throat hurts from trying not to cry
Update soon ok
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