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6/13 c38 uthbees
After a year of reading fanfiction, I finally made a ffn account, just to follow this one story in the hope that it eventually gets updated. Even if it never does, however, this is still one of the best fics I've read. Simply amazing.
6/5 c22 Guest
Reviewing now because I'll probably forget once I'm finished - this is absolutely amazing, one of the best fics I have ever read. I'm not good at writing these, but if you read this through any sort of notification, I just wanted you to know there are still people out there enjoying your work, and hoping you are eventually able to continue it :)
6/5 c38 rmw5763
What a shame that Abandoned this great story. :(
6/1 c1 SpaideZ
Just a Spade casually dropping by
5/23 c38 mlj11100
J'adore cette fiction. Très intéressante, très bien construite et super documentée.
A quand la suite ?
5/6 c38 WasabiEyeDrops7
Wow. What an incredible story. This and Blindness are both in my top 5 of the many fics I have read. I hope you are healthy and well. I would love to see this story receive the ending it deserves. Best wishes.
4/20 c38 1anjiepotter
is it end?
4/18 c30 anjiepotter
i hate the hound... how they ensnare sirius... sure you do your utmost to make this story ruthless... throughtout the series i hate it whenever hound was mentioned... i didnt knew you hate wizards so much... in tamil,there is some proverb, saying, "சட்டியில் இருப்பதுதான் அகப்பையில் வரும்"... google this last if you can...
4/15 c38 eric.dennis.rush
I love this story. I come back to it every so often and reread it. I hope that you are well. Even if you never finish the story know that it is fantastic. I only hope that one day we get to see the end.
4/11 c1 Lilyngwie
PLease keep going
4/7 c38 chubbycherub
I really love this! Hopefully you'll finish it someday? :)
4/7 c38 LonerGirl1996
Such a well written and original story. Even though 6 years has passed after the last chapter i wont lose hope. Please update the story :)
3/30 c38 Jim P
That's all I can say really.
That, and ask for the rest of the story of course. We need to hear the rest of the path to Harry talking to the reporter on the Hogwarts tower while Hogwarts is being rebuilt.

And thanks for a great story!
3/27 c38 FFFudgeUp
Epic story. It grew and twisted so much. I don't think I've read anything like it before. Good job. Thanks for sharing.
2/21 c38 Uday Sra
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