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11/16/2015 c23 123glee123
3 amazing story :)
11/7/2015 c23 Guest
This was a great story , well except for the rape part . But an exceptional story .i look forward to reading more of your storys .
11/7/2015 c14 Guest
Very sweet .
11/6/2015 c8 Guest
You did real good .
11/6/2015 c7 Guest
You are good .
6/1/2014 c23 troyella2468
Aww it's over! Loved how you ended it
6/1/2014 c22 troyella2468
Aww this is so good and now they're married. Loved it
6/1/2014 c21 troyella2468
Yay! Loved ir
6/1/2014 c20 troyella2468
Ugh Brody! Loved it
6/1/2014 c19 troyella2468
Aww this was good! Loved it
6/1/2014 c18 troyella2468
Im happy she's safe now. Loved it
6/1/2014 c17 troyella2468
OMG. No! Loved it
6/1/2014 c16 troyella2468
Omfg I fucking hate Brody! Why would he do this?! Loved it
6/1/2014 c15 troyella2468
Wait what! Loved it
6/1/2014 c14 troyella2468
Aww amazing! Loved it
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