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3/20/2013 c21 marteeey
I would be totally fine with it if the wedding would be the epilogue and at the end they drive away to their honeymoon in the sunset :)
3/20/2013 c21 noro
amazing chapter loved it update asap
3/19/2013 c21 Gleegurl03
Love it need more please. Wedding chapter 1st then epilogue. FINCHEL FOREVER3
3/19/2013 c21 fabinafan4life
Wedding then epilogue.
More please :)
3/19/2013 c21 Onedirection2013
More more
3/19/2013 c21 One.direction.is.my.world
Wedding chapter and then epilogue
3/19/2013 c21 zouzou-VM
A wedding chapter a baby on the way end then an epilogue that would be great
3/19/2013 c21 11myprovincialife
Wedding chapter then epilogue! Truth be told I just never want this story to end! Hahaha:) great chapter! Will you be writing more story's?:) xoxo
3/18/2013 c20 Onedirection2013
More more
3/18/2013 c20 27FinchelFan728
I can not believe Brody!
3/17/2013 c20 noro
more chapters asap please
3/17/2013 c20 marteeey
I have to say even if the chapter wasn't one of the happiest I ever read it was still good and I really liked it. don't know why hahaha.
and I hope that everything will be fine and that Brody will go to jail und Finn and Rachel can have their happily ever after!
pls update soon! :)
3/17/2013 c20 4clarissadele
Great! Keep it up!
3/17/2013 c20 11myprovincialife
AHHHH I'm gonna cry when this story ends! It's perfect3
3/15/2013 c19 May
Poor Rachel:'( update soon I hope brody will go to jail and everything get better for Finn Rachel and Amy besos
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