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3/16/2013 c19 27FinchelFan728
I'm sad it's almost over! I hope Amy gets a brother or sister!
3/14/2013 c18 Guest
please don't make her pregnant
3/14/2013 c18 Guest
que no este embarazada por favor eso no, y que Brody vaya a la carcel
3/14/2013 c18 Guest
3/15/2013 c19 Princess808
That sounds good :D can't wait to see where they are in the future :)
3/15/2013 c19 noro
u totally have to update awesome writing
3/15/2013 c19 Onedirection2013
More more more
3/15/2013 c19 GeekyGleek
Shouldn't Brody still be in jail and charged with kidnapping and abuse? He did kidnap and hit Amy and Amy's the proof of that, because she can identify the man who kidnapped her, and also along with that he should still be jail because he was at scene of the crime with Rachel.
3/15/2013 c19 11myprovincialife
I think 2 more and an epilogue! It would be amazing if you had a sequel too! But that's up to you obviously, I think im just very obsessed with this story! Haha(:
3/15/2013 c19 13JaveryJavaJunkie
Damn it Brody! I'm so glad that Finn is there for Rachel through thick and thin. It's sad to know that this story will be ending soon :( I always get so excited when I receive a notification, seeing that "My Shelter was updated"! But I'm looking forward to the end none the less! I expect a fluff filled epilogue! Haha! Keep up the great work and please update soon!
3/12/2013 c17 May
OMG u r so mean, why brody had to hurt her, I almost cried :'(, I hope she doesn't get pregnant that would be too much to take (sorry my english). Update asap please
3/12/2013 c17 Loveabitofglee
3/14/2013 c18 11myprovincialife
Thank god she's safe! Please update soon!:)
3/14/2013 c18 27FinchelFan728
I'm glad she's safe!
3/14/2013 c18 GeekyGleek
The proof is that earlier Finn and Rachel called the police talking about her daughter that was kidnapped, then Finn and Amy were at the police station reporting what happened and the fact that Finn ran to go and get Rachel and she's naked and beaten and also a rape kit can be done on Rachel.
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