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3/11 c1 Maja Tomlinson
Aww too cute
Simple but too cute
10/11/2020 c1 HarryPotterWeirdo
I love these sorts of one shots because there are things Molly does which makes me hate her but this makes me love her all over again
6/8/2020 c1 zwirleinzoem
OH MY GOSH SO AMAZING! poor harry...that was SO AMAZING though! PLEASE I NEED MORE!
1/10/2018 c1 Guest
This was absolutely beautifully written well done
8/17/2017 c1 2ludwiggystardust
awwwwww ️
3/6/2017 c1 12SSLESeveritus
If only this was in canon. I'll forever be angry with Hermione for interrupting that hug in the book.
7/15/2015 c1 vaddison95
*sobs uncontrollably*
5/30/2015 c1 ChristianPotterheadWhovian97
I love this story. I really think more of Mrs. Weasley being like a mother to him should have been shown more... I mean it was shown a lot, but no where near enough for my liking.
2/12/2014 c1 SimonSherlockPotter
This. This is amazing, well-written heartbreak. I love it.
2/8/2014 c1 166Linneagb
awwwwwwww this is so jrgvrjrjrvgbdeywtwhjpkh CUTE. poor Harry. But Molly is so cute and both of them so in character. I loved this
10/17/2013 c1 13SweetSouthernGal
This story made me cry...but in a good way, of course. Very sweet.
9/3/2013 c1 6BrookGuitar
This is so sweet and heart breaking.
6/3/2013 c1 22RaucousLaughter
Love their relationship.
5/7/2013 c1 lilgiggler35
That was a very touching story. It made me cry. I lost my mother years ago while still in high school. I now have a wonderful mother-in-law who I love with all my heart. thank you. :o)
4/20/2013 c1 5YaoiReaderGalor
My feels TTTT
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