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for Red Headed Stepchild

8/10/2023 c12 radude4411
I enjoyed this story so very much! I would love a continuation. I binged it wholly in an afternoon.
3/10/2023 c1 CarolWim
Transgender and all its madness is too crazy for me.
10/29/2022 c6 irispapyrus
Ugh, this is too poorly written to really continue. Cool premise but the dialogue is just not good and neither is the prose.
6/8/2021 c12 gendercrisisspecialist
5/17/2021 c6 31Sakura Lisel
Harriet should curse out Minerva and her transphobia to Minervas face. Point out that her being a boy who wants to be a girl isn’t some ‘delusional, sick, perverted fantasy’ that Minerva and everyone else thinks she’s playing at. That she’s not just pretending to be a girl so she can what exactly? Peep and perv on ‘real’ girls up in the girl dorms or something while ‘pretending’ to be a girl herself?

Even Minerva should realize the stupidity of that belief, especially after Harriet has REPEATEDLY been able to get UP the girls dorm staircase with no problem. Something no other Gryffindor boy, or any other Houses boys have been able to do when it comes to the GIRL dorms.

If Harriet was simply a boy who was PRETENDING to be a girl, then why would the magic of HOGWARTS accept it especially when it comes to letting Harriet up the girls dorms staircase, which has 1,000 year old anti-boy hex on it, placed by either Rowena or Helga, that makes the girl dorm staircase automatically change into a slide as soon as any boy TRIES and goes up the girls stiairs.

Yet if Harriet was really just a boy pretending to be a girl, then nobody is wondering why the 1,000 year old UNBREAKABLE anti-boy hex is allowing a ‘pretender’ go up the stairs with no problems when it won’t let any other boy go up them. Hogwarts itselfs own magic has acknowledged that Harriet isn’t ‘pretending’ anything involving her gender preference..
4/30/2021 c5 LilLinkGirl
I really want to read more but I'm gonna have to give this story a pass. It's not that I don't understand what your going for, it's more in line that I don't agree with the methods used. So it's nothing against you it's just not the story for me. Wish you luck in your writings!
4/1/2021 c12 Guest
Well damn...I'm completely entrenched with this amazing story. I do hope you'll continue it at some point.
8/8/2020 c1 Maubeerbluffin
wtf. none of this makes any sense to me, the conversations are so confusing I can hardly understand what's going or what their motivations are. the plot seems interesting but I can't be sure because of the lack of thought or explanation for all the character's actions.
7/17/2020 c12 Izzy990113
Wow! Great story, far from my usual.
5/20/2020 c2 Guest
wtf is up with sirius's speech? its making it really hard to read
12/31/2019 c2 Bad Wolf
So far, the only thing that's bothering me about this story is Sirius's speech. The reason behind it is flimsy and it seems totally unnecessary. I get the need for obstacles in a story, but this one just makes no sense. Other than that, I like how this is going so far.
10/4/2019 c3 john86710
Trying to get through this but the way Sirus talks is getting annoying
10/1/2019 c5 Chyllen
Very well written and damn good
8/24/2019 c1 lovewar66
Bitch thus chapter took me on a whirlwind. Its so awesome.


5/12/2019 c11 2Lanzecki
I’ve already reviewed chapter 12, so will post this here as a comment on the next chapter.

This chapter was surprisingly prescient of Britain following the 2016 Brexit referendum. Narcissa’s thoughts reflect closely certain politicians’ views on Brexit. An interesting, if somewhat painful parallel.

It would be a nice surprise to have an update. It’s been a long time now.
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