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for Stairway to Redemption

10/14/2017 c48 11meva desa
I usually don't read stories that haven't been completed or updated in a while but i couldn't help it with this one. The premise was intriguing. What could MI7 possibly want with Annabelle? After binge reading the entire story so far, i am so glad i read this.

You've managed to capture the atmosphere of the school and personalities of the characters incredibly well. Another thing i liked was the action scenes, you're quite good at writing them in a realistic, descriptive way that doesn't get boring.

I've been thoroughly entertained by this story. Even with all the angst, there is a lot of humour to balance it out and i hope you do continue it one day, especially because it looks like Belle and Kelly are about to get their act together (and i really want Kelly to go all secret agent on Roxy, she's got a few punches coming to her).

As an author that recently decided to finish a story that had been incomplete for years, i promise you won't regret it but i understand that it's difficult to go back to a story you might not connect with anymore. Just know that this was a pleasure to read, I've really enjoyed it and if you do decide to finish it, I'll be eagerly waiting to read it :D
1/22/2016 c48 2monsterscorporation
Wow its been a long time! But you still make it a good story, I loved this chapter please update more?
1/21/2016 c48 Guest
Very interesting...Some tragedy strikes, huh? does Kelly dies or something?
1/12/2016 c14 Guest
Congratulations, you've created the most perfect egoist, narcissist, and asshole version of Kelly Jones! But it fits perfectly to the story...unfortunately
5/13/2015 c47 SaltedCaramelIceCream
This story is so amazing!
4/10/2014 c47 Guest
Please write more! This story is so gripping!
2/23/2014 c47 Guest
Please update, this is brilliant!
2/5/2014 c47 Guest
Followed this story for so long, please update it's brilliant!
12/29/2013 c47 11Nic James
Only just found your story and I love it.
Please update soon.
12/23/2013 c47 Guest
Annabelle and Kelly for the win
12/22/2013 c47 Guest
Bet Roxy will be mad... I don't care, I don't like her.
10/16/2013 c46 Guest
Wish this story was updated! Miss reading it so much
8/24/2013 c46 Guest
Please update with more, this story is great!
7/1/2013 c45 XEvenAngelsHaveWickedSchemesX
Eeeeekkkkk! Weeeeeeee! Aghhhhhhhh! Yusssssss! You're back! And this story is as brilliant as ever! Hehe!

6/16/2013 c20 KitsuneToRyuu
Offline atm, but find it terrible what you're doing to Roxy, she hasn't done anything wrong. Give her a small slot with Annabelle at least, seen as Kelly has slept with Chelsea and that Sam obviously has something for her.
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