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3/23 c1 Incendi0
5/27/2015 c1 Frampton
She could still hear the whispers, in her mind's eye, of the students of Hogwarts as they passed her in the hallways. "Stupid girl, she's so young. She doesn't even know what love is. She never loved him. Crybaby. She's just seeking attention. She should just get over it. Why is she still pining for him? It's pathetic. It's ridiculous. Stupid girl, her tears won't bring him back. He's dead, dead, dead. Dead."
It isn't just students that think that. I love the character of Cho yet I've met HP fans who despise her for that dumb reason.
Love this fic. Though I actually despise Dumbledore as I find him manipulative he is pretty much perfectly in character with this facet of his
4/15/2015 c1 1TigrisAltaica
so endearing! exactly as pure and fatherly as i imagine dumbledore to be.
6/28/2013 c1 96SylvaDragon
That was excellent, very sad, but also with some hope at the end of it. I loved how comforting and kind dumbledore was, this is just how I imagine him being with anyone who is in pain or suffering. The strong emotions in this were very well done indeed, I loved it.
2/24/2013 c1 514yellow 14
In time, yes. Nice work, keep writing
2/24/2013 c1 28vuarapuung
A very nice story, you captured the paranoia of a young teenage girl believing everyone was talking about her quite well. I also enjoyed your showing of Dumbledore interacting with other students, it was a nice change to see him dipping into another students life the way he often did in Canon with Harry, and you showed that almost Grandfatherly, caring attitude he has fantastically.
2/23/2013 c1 64dancer4813
Love it! :D

It seems entirely likely that Cho would have gone to someone after that disastrous date... So sort of a missing moment and everything... Great job! :D
2/23/2013 c1 44TheFifthCharmedOne
You always write the most perfect oneshots! I'm always so afraid of messing something up, and yours are just awesome!

Sorry for this next part, but do you think you could read my Andromeda Black/Ted Tonks story? It's called 'Power of Love' and I'd REALLY appreciate a review! It doesn't have any, and it makes me really sad. :( If you don't, that's fine, but I would really, really appreciate it. :)

Anyway, wonderful job!


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