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for Once Upon a Time in New York City

7/10/2013 c6 Guest
I MISS THIS STORY! I need to know more! 3
7/1/2013 c6 Guest
Hope everything is going well with you. :D Missing this story, and cannot wait for an update! :D
6/1/2013 c6 1Europa Stars
Your writing is excellent and I find you quite elolquent. I implore you, keep up with this ensnaring plot line. I have fallen in love with this story and it would be a shame to see it end so soon. -Ash
5/27/2013 c6 Guest
Love this story, and I cannot wait for an update! :D
5/22/2013 c6 41Sarahbob
Really liked this chapter, especially the beginning were you described Combeferre and Enjolras' strong friendship. Keep up the good work :)
5/22/2013 c6 1Rose-Petal-Falling324
Yay! You updated! But don't worry about slow updates, technology is evil and cannot be trusted. I'm really enjoying this story, I love your characterisations and the way to control the pace, keeping the tension and drama high. I can't wait to see all the Amis in New York, and the mayhem they will most likely cause. Keep up the good work!
5/14/2013 c1 2OracleOcelot
This story is just spectacular! You write the characters so well!
4/29/2013 c4 Validate0
This is adorable. I like how you keep putting in French phrases. Do the Amis have accents? Please update again when you can! :3
4/29/2013 c5 1sarahmozer
Please write more. It hasn't even been a full minute since I finished and I'm going into withdrawal. Seriously. Your story is fucking amazing.
4/23/2013 c5 41Sarahbob
This is heartbreaking! Please continue :)
4/21/2013 c5 5GabyBlondie
I'm completely in love with this fic of yours! I don't ship E/R and still here I am, looking forward for the next chapter! And I also LOVE the way you portray Jehan/Fey (and these two I ship SO much). Keep up the good work!
3/6/2013 c5 16Wolfen Artist of KilGuin
This made me want to son with how sweet and lovely and amazing it is. You have a gif for words.
3/6/2013 c5 10emma.mg.9
I liked this chapter! Especially the building of the barricade ;) Can't wait for the next chapter! D
3/6/2013 c1 16LACUS0
Hi. I really love your first chapter
Just a thing Je suis extrêmement peur des Français it's not really mean what you want to say. Well it's not mean anything - J'ai extrêmement peur des Français.
I go read the rest :) (Sorry if I had make mistakes in english)
3/3/2013 c4 LadyoftheMorning
Loving this so far! Good job mixing some french into the story. It tends to be more formal than necessary, but it works well. Keep the chapters coming!
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