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for Asphodel Institute for Troubled Youth

5/2/2015 c5 Guest
Keep going
7/13/2014 c1 Guest
Also, I really enjoyed reading a well-written story and liked your word choice
7/13/2014 c5 Guest
It's too bad that this isn't finished. I would've loved to continue reading!
11/29/2013 c5 greek goddess01
4/14/2013 c5 Katrinaaaa
Cool chapter. Lol at first I thought "Polinski" was "Polizzi" and I was like: Snooki's son?! haha update soon :)
4/13/2013 c5 Martha
This is really good! Please update ASAP!
4/9/2013 c5 4Mystical Memories
Epicness, like always xD Anyway, please update soon! I've been bored out of my mind recently so.. I need something to keep me entertained.
4/9/2013 c5 3It Was Different Then
Great story, the jokes are great. the endings are awesome and i am now following this story!
4/9/2013 c5 6theblacksiren
Woooooahh. Lol, Percy at the end.
3/29/2013 c4 4Mystical Memories
Well puff. I was hoping for a longer chapter. Oh well! At least it's something :D Please update! This story is pretty much my like main thing to look at on Fanfiction xD I think I've read the first few chapters about 20 times O_O
3/28/2013 c4 PiperGrace2015
i liked that little convo they had...
3/28/2013 c4 Martha
Why aren't you happy with this chapter? It's really good! Please update ASAP!
3/27/2013 c4 Guest
Update soon!
3/27/2013 c4 6theblacksiren
It was a great chapter. Please update. Soon
3/24/2013 c3 Guest
Great story
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