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for Seer of the Varia

3/9/2013 c5 xXxOtAkU-444xXx
I like it! **
3/9/2013 c5 2Moonstar66
my answer to the riddle?: emotions/feelings. maybe that's just me, but there you have it. can't wait to find out the real answer! please continue with this beautiful creation of yours! w
3/7/2013 c5 Guest
Nice chapter but i need more more i tell you. It is on the same level as skydoesminecraft's hate towards squids.
3/9/2013 c5 1Okami Endless
I love it! I can't wait till the next update (if there is any anyways...Hate to see good stories die D:)

3/6/2013 c4 Guest
The meeting is going to be interesting isn't it kekekekekekekekeke
3/8/2013 c5 31EpikalStorms
Ohhh! Write more, write more!

Riddle answer: Umm... Love? Idk.

Can't wait for the next chapter!
3/7/2013 c5 1Hibarilova18
Wait so what are all of Charlus' disorders so far? I'm so confused. Please update soon.
3/7/2013 c5 176Firehedgehog
awesoem update
3/7/2013 c5 29Sakura Lisel
Um... isn't both Dumbledore AND James overeacting a bit with the 'muggle hurt Charlus' thing? One niether Harry OR the explosion he cause hurt the three preteens, and Harry never laid a finger on Charlus seeing how the kid went catatonic after witessing Harry kill other people right in front of him, but HURT him like Dumbledore says as the reason HE wants to go after the one who 'hurt' his grandson? Plus James DOES know the meaning of beaten doesn't he? Seeing how Charlus doesn't have a single cut or bruise on him caused by the 'muggle' who supposedly beat him, why does he think he needs to step up Charlus training/abuse?

Though if Charlus is developing split persnalities because of James, I hope his Slytherin side finally snaps and starts dishing back as much pain and misery on James as payback for what James has been doing to HIM. *lol*
3/7/2013 c5 22Slytherin Studios
Nicely done, keep it up.
3/7/2013 c5 Kazukimi
Oh please, let the varia hurt, cut and bleed Dumbledore *_*
I'm sure Dumbledore didn't need his right arm, a leg and his elder wand anymore P
3/7/2013 c5 1Terra-Fair
Fran/Harry will be an awesome pair
3/7/2013 c5 Lost-Lovegood
Ummm... the truth?
Fun story... but I always kinda hate the stories where harry is gonna die... always makes me sad. Ah well, I'll find some sappy romance to balance it, the story is to good to stop:)
3/7/2013 c5 10Ireadtomuch
ok save any and all comments, observations and author notes until after the story seeing (blah blah b;ah) or (AN: Yada yada yada) int he middle of the story is not only distracting but highly annoying. I almost stopped reading due to the annoyance. As it is I duplicated the tab just to write this review while mid chapter.

that being said please heed my advice!
3/7/2013 c5 56TheAnimeWriterLover
The answer is air... I think... XD I'm never good at riddles anyways I enjoyed and almost cried in this chapter please update soon
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