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for Seer of the Varia

3/7/2013 c5 2Emerald Lylythia
Loved it ! I hate James ! Sad that Harry will die so soon. I hope to read the next chapter soon. Thank you for this chapter.
3/7/2013 c5 40Yoruko Rhapsodos
Harry/Fran...? Hurray _ Ne, you'll save Harry from an early death, right?
3/3/2013 c4 Guest
please continue
3/5/2013 c4 31EpikalStorms
Ooooo! I LOVE the Bel/Harry Father/Son relationship! SOOOO CUTE! Write more son!
3/4/2013 c4 Silvermane1
3/4/2013 c4 1herondalefan
So cool! Please update soon!
3/4/2013 c4 40Yoruko Rhapsodos
Who are you going to pair Harry with?
3/4/2013 c4 19exaigon
I want to see the brothers meeeeeet!
I cant wait for the next chapter!
3/2/2013 c4 Guest
I love it
3/2/2013 c4 Guest
This was fun. Nice to see that the link between Charlus and Harry hasn't been broken as it is often the case. Does Charlus even know that he once had a twin ? So sad for Harry and Bel...
Loved it. Thanks for the chapter. Expecting the next one soon.
3/2/2013 c3 Guest
It would have been fun having Harry at Hogwarts. Well nice chapter. I'm going to read the next one. Thanks for this chapter.
3/3/2013 c4 TNM-Writer
Holy shit, this is amazing. I like the fact that Harry is getting raised in the Mafia world then just randomly falling into it like most stories I've read. The twist of having Bel as his father is awesome as well!
But... It seems to me that your making Harry a little too perfect, almost a Gary Stue (male counterpart of Mary Stue). I suggest that you look it over some more.
I hope to read more soon!
3/2/2013 c4 1Terra-Fair
Next chapter plz
3/2/2013 c3 Terra-Fair
The Varia
3/2/2013 c4 12LadyKarma18
I really like this story! I cant wait for the next chapter :3 Is Fran going to be here? And if he is, will him and Harry be friends or something? i think they are around the same age :3
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