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5/27/2013 c6 Kyle
Sorry about the cancer. I know exactly how you feel because every time we save up money for anything there is always a medical crisis that comes up. The rule of thumb is always expect some kind of set back within 3 months of saving and we are back in debt.

It seems to be a curse. I am both glad and sad to know that this curse is contagious and our family is not the only one suffering crisis.

Two years ago Dad cut his thumb while washing his car and had to go to the hospital the next day because when he went to work in the city the water made it start swelling up which the doctor said Dad caught it JUST in time or Dad would've had his whole arm cut off!

Dad was tempted to wait till the next morning from the day he discovered his thumb swelling but the boss had Dad leave work early and instead of going home Dad went to the hospital and found out if he waited just a little bit longer he could've lost his arm! .

Moral of the story? Be careful when you cut you're thumb as there is crap in the waters that will swell it good.

On a side note about the story: Why does the robot guard the food storage when there is no food to guard anyways?
5/1/2013 c2 Kyle
This fic...WOW! I love the attention to details of rooms and the thoughts of Taban an important but often overlooked character.

He invents the Taben Vest to help his daughter Lucca during Chrono Trigger though has anyone noticed during the cutscene when he is firing up the Telepod it looks as if he is hammering it to death?

No wonder it screwed up! LOL
5/1/2013 c5 Kyle
Only one review? That's NOT cool!
2/27/2013 c1 Dumb Genius
Wow, interesting! I love how you set this up! Nice dialogue, very vivid descriptions and killer idea. I haven't even played Chrono Trigger, don't know what it is about, but by what you have written, I can honestly say that I might enjoy it. You have a wonderful writing style. I am very much intrigued.

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