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for Consequence of Misunderstandings

9/13/2022 c14 6OmegaKenichi
Oh my God, Team Gemstone is RWBY. . . I've read this like five times, how have I never realized that before!?
4/29/2022 c15 9BunnyGirlErika
I have read this story severely times over the years and it's still one of my favorites.
3/1/2022 c15 Rabcor
This story was excellent, I really wish it had more fluff, I've noticed that it's a trend in your stories that there's not enough fluff, but other than that they're great :D
3/1/2022 c11 Rabcor
Oh fuck off...
10/1/2021 c14 8Nuincalion Griffondor
I have read this story like thirty times and I only this time realized that team gemstone is RWBY. love that and this story.
3/24/2021 c15 Dagon Rafaeus
Ah warm fuzzy feelings
1/24/2020 c15 huskerfan
I really enjoyed this story and the prior one in the series! This was the first teen titans fanfic Ive read and i really enjoyed the characterization of Raven and Jynx and how you developed their relationship. Id have been interested in reading a lot more!
9/7/2019 c15 Guest
Cmon, marriage scene was half-assed, surely you could at least describe the emotion and awe both parties were feeling upon witnessing the other's glory.
9/5/2019 c7 Guest
That news report was so biased man, if I didn't know better id say raven rigged it, or ur lazily using this as a plot point.
8/2/2019 c2 Cormin12
btw's this is still one of my all time favorits that I keep comming back to.
7/2/2019 c11 1Son of Owls
This...this is not okay.
5/29/2019 c14 Ryoji Mochizuki
RWBY and CFVY, huh
3/31/2019 c15 Guest
love this and the previous one. nice happy ending :)
1/3/2019 c15 2LuciferGremory
I've lost count of how many times I've reread this
12/2/2018 c14 Mernom
That boss fight... Didn't really live up to it's hype.
Otherwise, team Gemstone=RWBY reference, fite me.
Also, Fluffy=HP reference, double fite me.
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