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1/7/2014 c1 kira1980
Your first chapter as got my attention, but if Abby's mother is Flay Alister. Then i will stop reading it, for she is the only one i dislike in this anime.
7/13/2013 c1 12VRmaster300
I hope that this fic is what I think it is.

When are you going to update again.
2/28/2013 c1 11littlemsstrawberry
Well i'm not a fan ot lacus either but I love asucaga! Oh but why is athrun the bodyguard? I thought it'll be better if he was the Admiral. That way he'll have more power and can help shoulder the burden and run the country with Cagalli
2/27/2013 c1 Guest
I'm an avid KL fan, but I'm open to other pairings provided that there's no character bashing and that everyone is (at least somewhat) in character :3 (in other words, even though this is clearly going to be a KF story and not a KL story, I'm still going to read it because at least Kira is still [apparently] nice to Lacus and is close to her, even if they aren't lovers :3)

As for Lacus... hm, depends on whether you want to use a canon character (in which case, I have no clue XD) or if you want to use an OC (I've seen some nice OC x Lacus stories before, so I'm open to that :3)
2/26/2013 c1 ekl
it should always be Kira x Lacus

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