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for crossfire FINISHED

12/8/2016 c31 Guest
Great job.. Enjoyed it
1/3/2014 c31 9Chase Ling Ziao
uwahhh! I would like an epilogue, please? :3
8/22/2012 c9 Guest
You love angst. I loooooovvvvveee how Pietro is nicknamed hummingbird.
7/20/2009 c31 92fooboo24
7/20/2009 c30 fooboo24
Talk about D-R-A-M-A!
6/27/2005 c31 1Citric Point
Even though this is an old Fanfic i'll still review it! it's so great! .
5/16/2005 c31 kaori
wow! cool story. real nice. but. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER THAT? make a sequel. PLEASE! *puppy dog eyes*
5/16/2005 c30 masaaki
hey, what kind of shit kietro story is this? moron. its supposed to be a kietro story right. y do they end up always and i mean ALWAYS fighting with each other? and WHY do they break up in the end? moron, wasted 11/2 hr reading this "kietro" story. -.-
3/21/2005 c31 1Kigono
uh, it was good, a little corny, but it was still good.
2/21/2005 c31 3Xtreme Nuisance
twas so... fluffy. Sickening. And yet... I lurb it to death! XD Peace.
2/21/2005 c11 Xtreme Nuisance
psh... if i was jubilee, I'd hang with kurt. : D Oh yes... the EASY way out, thank ya. XD
1/1/2005 c31 1Toffee-Popcorn
this is like the best story ever! Well Done!
12/20/2004 c31 death is only a phase
oh how sweet will there be a sequel? i sure hope so
9/8/2004 c31 Heteroclite
Another nice one :D. Could have done with a longer scene at the end but very sweet.

3/2/2004 c31 firehottie
that was a great story!
~* firehottie *~
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