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for crossfire FINISHED

5/23/2003 c9 Zach
What is up with the whole Lance crossing his arms in disappointment about not being paried with Jubilee?C'mon have you seen the show he kinda has it for Kitty !That really made me start to not like the story. But I'll still read cause i like the other CHAPTERS! (Sorry if i'm being to mean)
5/23/2003 c7 Zach
I just love Kietro!
5/23/2003 c6 Zach
As i said hate Bobby and Rouge! But still an awesome story so far.
5/23/2003 c5 Zach
GOSH! i hate Jubillee and Lance together! I guess its cause i think it should be Kitty and Lance. I like Kitty with Bobby Lance and Pietro maybe thats why i don'y like the two couplings. I suggest you make a fanfic with Bobby Pietro and Lance loving her and she has to pick one.
5/23/2003 c4 Zach
chapter 5= awesome! I have an absession with Kitty and Pietro to!
5/23/2003 c3 Zach
NOW I read the 3 chapter and wasn't to amused. The whole Rogue and Bobby thing(black!) Not to be mean but you really have no taste in couples. But i will read on and see if the couples change. But beside the couples its a good story!
5/23/2003 c2 Zach
Hi i just read the 2 chapter and i wasn't to thrilled i don't really like the idea of Jubilee and Lance but its your story and you can't really change it now that its finished
5/23/2003 c9 Edainme
"That's not the same as a man," Pietro said derisively.

"Yeah, well neither are you!" Kitty countered.

Lmao, that was good. I like your writing. I know you probably won't read this, considering this story is finished, but I'm reviewing anyway. Oh, yeah, props on the Hugh Jackman joke in the last chapter. Keep up the good work!
4/21/2003 c22 Z
1/12/2003 c31 keika
nice. i like the way you write. good ending.
1/10/2003 c31 Vanima Nwalmaer
Loved the ending to crossfire! Great job!
1/9/2003 c31 1Blessed Be
Awwwwwwww, so SWEEEEEEETTTTTT! *tear* It's so beautiful and cute and PERFECT! GOD I LOVE YOUR WRITING! This was SUCH a great story(and may there be many more to come ^_^)! I like the way you leave it open ended instead a big corny thing where they grow up and get married, yuck! I don't like those! ANYways hurry with the next story, I'm too impatient! HURRY!
1/9/2003 c30 Blessed Be
AHHHHHHH! NO! *sobs* how can they not see that they're perfect for each other? I'm happy for a Kietro chapter ^_^they're my favorite! Derek sounds really creepy! Why does he sound as if he already knows her with this whole "Well, I can't tell you how thrilled I am to be having lunch with you." He really creeps me out!
1/9/2003 c29 Blessed Be
Ding dong the witch is dead! Hehe, good thing Laura left and now Lance is with Jubes! *cries* you're tying up all the loose ends which means the story is going to end soon. That sux! Oh well, you have a ne one coming, which is SO GREAT! ^_^ Great chapter (once again)!
1/9/2003 c28 Blessed Be
lol, YAY! YOU UPDATED! Finally I get to read some Kietro! I had to resort to a Lancitty fic, although i admit it's VERY good^_^ I'm so happy you updated! I'll definately read your new story cause I LOVE YOUR KIETROS! ^_^ this was a great chatper, and I'm glad that Bobby and Rogue are together.
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