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for crossfire FINISHED

1/9/2003 c31 9DeMoNic GigGleS
awwwwwwwww! thats sooo cute! a lil more sappy for my tastes, but still purdy damn awesome!
1/7/2003 c28 Crystal Blue
And nice ending to a nice story.

Nice ending for us IcyRogue fans! Thank you.
1/7/2003 c31 Slugzilla
A great finish to a wonderful story!
1/7/2003 c31 S.R
*sniff Sniff* I coulden't think of a more perfect ending! when's your next Keitro up? LOLZ well i can't wait!

1/6/2003 c31 5Cassie-bear01
aahhh! hehe how cute!
1/6/2003 c31 12evolutionary spider
wow! Horay! So cool! I finally read the end of this fic and I'm so happy with it! ok yes I loved it, all the way, it was great, gosh damn, I can't wait till you write your next fic! I thought the ending was different and a lot of it was different and new and just all around well written. ah. ok I'm done with my insane gushing now. Keep it up! I do hope you keep it going and help keep what few kietros are left alive with more awesome fics.woooo.


*dances away while wearing a party hat, a hawaiian lei, and maracas*
1/6/2003 c30 evolutionary spider
gah! bah! no! damn it damn it. Your dorks, why can't you get it right!

*sigh* ok well as I read this and it plays out on my imagination TV box, I was screaming all that stuff above at the TV in my head. Oh well. ok off to the last chapter, I hope this gets fixed and turns out great.

1/6/2003 c29 evolutionary spider
rrreeeeoowwww! *makes cat claws* lol. that was a good fight. Finally Laura hit the road and Lance finally saw her for what she really was. cool and now they've showed that they like each other, very very cool. yes me happy to have this dysfuncional problem solved, how many more have to be solved? I forget. *sheepish smile* I'll just go read the rest now.
1/6/2003 c28 evolutionary spider

yes I luv ya. You updated and your alive! lol. me crazy. Well hope you enjoyed your vacation, oh and don't worry my folks are like that too. I like to humor them cause I mean soon I'll be off to college life and won't see them for awhile so might as well spend a few moments with them. *sniffles* I'm gonna miss my mom's cooking and my dad and his goofy way of teaching me some of life's lessons. *sighs* ok well whoa, babbling inanely again. SORRY. :D. yes horay. loved the update. haha. Laura tried to kill the X-Peeps with her NASTY pie. And yay Rogue and Bobby made up and they're now...friends? more than friends, I guess I'll have to wait and see. tra la la. bye I'll off to the next chapter.
1/6/2003 c31 me
Aww! Gorgeous! I love your Kietro's! They're so... *cute*!
12/25/2002 c27 I.W.S

Great job! I read Kitty vs Pietro a very long time ago and i loved it! But then after that my craze for Kietro sorta died...that is! until i read crossfire! It's really excellent!

I like it when Kitty and Pietro bicker all the time. And the Bobby/Rogue pairing is actually very nice as well as interesting. But I'm not sorry to say I don't like Lance. Actually i don't like any Lance pairings...oh well that's how i am.

Now on a further note, i was reading this other fanfic and it seems the person has copied your ideas that are at the beginning of 'crossfire'.

1)Kitty has to give Pietro a tour of the school.

2)Very very coincidental : A cheerleader called Stacy Parsons drags him off.

3) Pietro writes that poem about Kitty.

just thought u oughta know.


12/16/2002 c27 Crystal Blu
Update Update Update! Please!
11/26/2002 c27 Honeybear
Pleez Continue!
11/16/2002 c27 1Blessed Be
YAY! You're using my idea! Or i think at least, oh well, VERY nice! YOU'RE SOOOOOOOOOOO GOOD AT WRITING! Just update soon, or I'm gonna go crazy again! (Blessed Be was very violent when she checked and you haden't updated, but then again she checked about every 5 minutes ^_^;;;)
11/16/2002 c26 Blessed Be
WAHHHHHHHH! Poow widdle Jubes! We're root'n for ya(my stunt double here and I)!
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