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for crossfire FINISHED

10/18/2002 c25 me
YAYZ! You updated! And it's great still. All that tension... something's gotta give ^_~
10/18/2002 c25 Aphrodite
Great story! I love Kietros! This one goes above and beyond the call of duty! Love it! Update soon, please!
10/18/2002 c25 1Blessed Be
ooooooo, so sad! But KIETRO! MORE KIETRO! you should do something where they are at school, and keep bumping into each other,or catching each other's eye. And then, if they happen to be in any of the same classes, they could be assigned to do a project together, ooooor Kitty could find a white rose in her locker with a note that says,'sorry' oooooor some non mutant guy could get a major crush on her, and when Pietro finally works up the courage to apolagize (not that it's his falt, these are just random ideas) and he's behind her, the other guy can ask her out then either

(1) Kitty can accept and Pietro get's all sad or

(2) Pietro steps in and get's all mad at him or

(3) The guy can be a REALLY big gerk, and after Kitty refuses he won't leave her alone so Pietro either pretends he's her boyfriend or like i said before get all mad at him, OO! then they could fight, and some how the guy get's one punch on Pietro's face, and after Pietro beats him up, Kitty's all concered and stuff!

Sorry, that was kinda alot, I hope you don't mind ^_^;;;
10/18/2002 c24 Blessed Be
*sniff* so sad!
10/18/2002 c23 Blessed Be
Hehehe, well done! Well done indeed, everything was written so well! I LOVE it!
10/14/2002 c22 Mags
Wow me like! Update SOON!



Heh heh


10/8/2002 c22 jessica
yo, mistyblue! i must admit that i truly admire the 2 fanfics u've so far posted. "Kitty vs. Pietro (FINISHED)" and the "Crossover" i hope u will continue the "Crossover" with more chapters about Kitty and Pietro. i just can't wait for 'ur next few chaps! please update as soon as possible like per week basis. i hope i'm like not really asking for too much... but i'm ADDICTED to 'ur fics! i also don't mind if u start on a new one on Kitty and Pietro (my favz)! ok that's all i havtta say. well juz a little abt me, i've not started any fics on cuz i juz found the site 3 weeks ago and i'm currently having exams so i shall be posting some right about 2 weeks from this review. i wanna let u know that u have greatly inspired me and tinged my interest! c'ya! tata! adios! sayonara! thanx!
10/7/2002 c22 S.R

Its logan yeah? or, or, or, its, um, um Stacy! Or um lets see I don't know COME ON UPDATE!
10/7/2002 c22 Slugzilla
I'm too lazy to review all the chapters one by one, so this review counts for 20/21/22. I love every bit of this story and hope things get better for a certain weird pairing...wink wink... Keep up the great work!
10/6/2002 c1 Bea
Oh no, is Jubes going to become like Laura? Nooo! Anywayz, update soon! I wanna know what's gonna happen to the other couples too.
10/6/2002 c22 33Steve Zissou
ahh mooore WHO IS IT WHOOO?
10/6/2002 c21 Crystal Blu
No, Rogue and Bobby are not a weird pairing. They're a great pair and you did a nice job writing this...i like this fic. Please write more soon. More Bobby/Rogue stuff, hopefully happier stuff will follow soon? :)
10/5/2002 c22 Guest
NOOOOOOOO! NO NO NO! CLIFFY = BAD! STORY = GOOD! oh goodness. now i'll have to get all excited for the next chappie and then have a small heart attack when it comes even though it WON'T solve the cliffy but I'll be happy anyway because at least it's be more story... ooh, cliffies are mean! MEAN!
10/5/2002 c22 a.n.g.e.l
Great story! I can't wait to read more!
10/5/2002 c22 12evolutionary spider

hey, very cool chapters. I just read the ones I hadn't read and I really liked them. First off. When I can only imagine what Jubilee is going to pull the words 'oy vey' come to mind. As far as Rogue and Bobby go I really like that they clash. Wonder how they'll go from here. whoa, who's at the door? Stacy? Logon? tell us, tell us. ok well that's all update soon.

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