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10/5/2002 c22 1Blessed Be
OMG! I LOOOOOOOOVE THIS CHAPTER! This story RULES! UPDATE! update! update update update! please! soon!
10/5/2002 c21 Blessed Be
Another great chapter? Gosh *gosh? what a genius i must be to come up with gosh* I just seem to be tripping over them today!
10/5/2002 c20 Blessed Be
ooo! YAY! New chapters! I, by the way, don't blame you at all for not being able to update your wonderful, wonderful story, and wish you good luck with college, and mid-terms, for that matter. And by the way, GREAT CHAPTER!
10/5/2002 c22 8liltrick89
Lol! Love the chapters! I totally know what its like with the midterms and fics have been suffering too. Anyway who is the mystery person? Sounds a lil like Logan...or maybe Scott...hmm...update soon!
10/5/2002 c22 Chikata
Write more please hurry...please please please please please! You can't leave everyone hanging like this
10/5/2002 c22 S.R


10/5/2002 c22 1kookey
AH! WAT HAPPENS? continue pweese!
10/4/2002 c22 Kietro Rules
Heh! I LOVE IT! Keep it coming. BTW, the Princess Bride thing rocked. I LOVE Princess Bride!
10/4/2002 c22 Aphrodite
Great chapter! Update soon, please!

10/3/2002 c19 Slugzilla
Great Story! I read all 19 chapters at once! I luv Bobby/Rogue fics!
9/30/2002 c19 33Steve Zissou
moooreee ;_; so kawai ::weep:: But... i wish rogue could touch bobby somehow.. aggh so darn annoying thatshe can't gr-ness and great pair up.. pryde and pietro... [ pie boy! yahh.. ok haha..o.o;]
9/29/2002 c19 1FudgeyAngel
I REALLY like this fic!Usually thigs where it's all I love you when I'm ment to hate you really annoy me...but this is just so well written,true enough I'm In it for the Pietro/Kitty thing,though I don't really like kitty ^^;

The Jubes thing-Laura...I wanna punch her.and Rogue and bobby? sheer class!

Keep up this story!

Love..The Fudge
9/21/2002 c19 1Blessed Be
NOOOOOOOO! NOT RATIONALITY! AAHHHHHHHH! poor widdle Pietro *sniff* great chapter, update SOON!
9/21/2002 c18 Blessed Be
*sings* I luv this story, this story rules! LAAAAAAAA! Sorry, that was a bit strange, *chee, i need voice lessons, really* But this really is a great story!
9/18/2002 c19 Bea
Great! I hope Pietro and Kitty make it up soon. And about Jubes, I wanna see her kick Laura's butt.
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