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9/18/2002 c19 12evolutionary spider

ok I just read the last three chapters, all of which were good. As far as that chick Laura goes she needs to get smacked. And Lacne is such a bonehead, what would Jubilee gain from lying? nothing!

Has bobby done the right thing or will he later regret doing this stunt to rogue. I know he really likes her and vice versa but does he want to deal with an angry rogue cause she might find out and then all hell will break loose.

Oh god, Kitty was such a dolt. I know that Pietro is such a flirt, but that doesn't mean that he might not have a thing for someone like her! She's a cool girl so I don't see why she thinks that Pietro will play off that kiss if it didn't mean anything to him. I mean he really likes her, but oh well I just hope this wil all get solved in the end. ok well update this oon cause it's getting good.

9/16/2002 c19 20OoOTheGreatPretenderOoO
9/16/2002 c17 1Blessed Be
How could you think this chapter might possibly suck? Anyway IT RULES! Sorry for taking so long to review, but my internet always problems, hehe, sorry!
9/16/2002 c19 me
awww! sniff that's so sad, and sweet...
9/16/2002 c19 1Sqwii
Lovely can't wait for more!
9/16/2002 c19 1kookey
uh oh- how relationships turn bad...HEHEHE! this is SO good! CONTINUE, oh mighty author!
9/16/2002 c19 Vanima Nwalmaer
That was so good! I loved this chapter
9/8/2002 c16 Sarah
Please up date soon, this last chapter was a great pice I loved it the way Pietro saved Kitty even though she didn't really need it was so well written.
9/4/2002 c16 5Cassie-bear01
aaah the relation ship between kitty and pietro reminds me of my boyfriend and the love hate relation ship we have :) great chapter
9/4/2002 c16 28I HEART JATAE
Wheee, i lurve this story, keep it up! ^_^
9/3/2002 c16 20OoOTheGreatPretenderOoO
nice keep it up i really really like it
9/3/2002 c16 Bea
AAAAAH! I can't stand it anymore... When is the next chapter coming up?
9/2/2002 c16 12evolutionary spider
SCORE! ::does a happy dance:: sorry me be crazy right now. ok well yay you got kitty and pietro to kiss, pietro to be chivalrous even if he didn't really have to, and kitty to stop being all innocent and where even if only one time someting sexy. And kudos you got Bobby and Rogue stuck in the haunting house. That's cool. Also you got Lance and Jubilee becoming closer. All in all the chappie was cool. But alas poor kurt is stuck with 14 kids! lol. ok update soon.

9/2/2002 c16 Princess7186
kietro kietro kietro!Hehehe, i love Kietro fics! This is one of my favortie stories! I so can't wait till the next chaper comes out!
9/2/2002 c16 8liltrick89
Good story! I like that you're going to put more Kietro...but I can't help wondering whats happening to Kurt? That should prove a funny chapter though...*gives Kurt a hug*. Anyway love the fic write more soon!
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