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9/29/2015 c8 2ChaoticallyAwkward
I really hope you update this story one day. It's really good, and I love the plot and characterization. I just really need to find out what happens to Harry, Yugi, and Atemu! I hope they have a good ending, at least.

Anyway, I really do hope that you come back and finish this someday. It's very good.
7/25/2015 c8 AnalogRain
I love this story! Please update; I'll give you a cookie.
7/22/2015 c8 BabyGhost123
I can't wait for the next chapter to come...so much revelations are starting to pop up and now Yami and Harry are starting to look like they are getting some flashbacks... Update soon
4/20/2015 c8 isis424
4/2/2015 c8 1deathlover25
3/16/2015 c8 yuki
Update soon please?
2/15/2015 c8 5Amyethious
Please update
1/17/2015 c8 Angel4EverLostInLife
More please! XD
11/29/2014 c8 Guest
In hopes of another chapter, I give you a review. ;)
This story and it's prequel are amazing. There are few spelling and grammar mistakes. The plot is riveting and so... indescribably good. I'm not just saying that. I seriously have no words in my personal mind dictionary.
8/9/2014 c8 6SoraMalfoySlythern
PLEASE PLEASE add more I read the first one and then this one I LOOOVVVEE the story! Poor Harry! TT_TT Give his Pharaoh back sniff! I such a sap for Pharaoh/Harry Storys! Wish there was more like this one! I love it! Will be waiting for more :D
6/18/2014 c8 Yuu
Please update this story soon!
2/19/2014 c8 176Firehedgehog
poor harry
2/9/2014 c8 FatesShadow83
It Lives!
Great chapter!
2/8/2014 c8 Guest
glad you updated this, just wish the next one would come soon...I'm ready to see Atemu/Yugi/Harry or at least Harry/Atemu!
2/8/2014 c8 Pheonixs1518
woohoo an update yay! and poor harry T_T. so sad how much pain and heartach he has to endure, and it isn't anywhere near ending.
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