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for Drop in the Ocean

11/3/2021 c29 Wolfman9623
Please continue this story, you can’t leave us with that big of a cliffhanger
7/30/2021 c1 Thicccccy
5/9/2021 c29 Phoenix
Please continue!
4/29/2021 c29 Hello
You've got to continue the story! The characters are very unique, and it's just great all around!
3/12/2021 c29 Guest
Great story. Would love it if you would continue
10/4/2020 c29 3BigBoii225
This series is great I hope there’s a next one
9/9/2020 c29 sreus
Are u gonna update? I already hate you for doing the Lethe thing with Andee
7/14/2020 c1 Guest
OMG, PLEASE FINISIH IT, it's breaking me to not be able to read the rest, im gonna die ;c
Please finish it or someone finish it for her ;c
7/11/2020 c29 Guest
Cant believe you didnt give the story closure
3/16/2020 c29 basky
hi will you be completing this because you said in your an that you would complete this story
2/21/2020 c29 Spartan Among Men
What happens next?
Can't wait to hear more from u!
1/25/2020 c29 ThunderStorm964
Hello there, don't know if you'll get this, but I stumbled upon the prequel of this story, and I read through both in a matter of hours. These are both well written, and the characters are well developed; you're not rushing the story, and the plot is actually adorable. However, it's been almost one and a half years since you left this story on a devasting cliffhanger, and the, as of now, near three hundred people that have favourited and followed this story are left without a closure for the story. What will happen to Percy and Andee's relationship, and the quest? Please, if you see this message, at least finish or let someone else adopt and finish this story.

A message from a fan.
1/20/2020 c29 Guest
Yoooooooo please continue this it's really really good
12/8/2019 c29 Guest
Please continue this story. You’re such a good writer and you left this at a cliffhanger!
8/4/2019 c29 Guest
Please update, this is one of the greatest book I’ve ever read in a while and I sped through both books in a few hours, only to be left on a devastating cliffhanger, and I really love for you to update.
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