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7/25/2013 c9 ThatNiceGuy
I really like the way you format/write your stories! It just flows so smoothly. PLEASE upload a bit faster, for the sake of your readers!
7/20/2013 c9 Guest
Add more
7/22/2013 c9 1mariokartprince
Woot wooooot! Andee is da leader! The confrontation at camp Jupiter will be very tension filled-and very entertaining!
7/18/2013 c1 Guest
I love this story and the first one; if you could just update sooner, that would be great. AWESOME, though
7/19/2013 c9 1prmehta24
Wow!You are an awesome writer and this is an awesome keep writng and update quickly
7/19/2013 c9 1Carly Carnations
Ooh, you go Jason! Can't wait to see wmeveryone's reaction. Why did anyone else think of Andee?
7/18/2013 c9 HoodIcecream
Love the story SO, SO much, update as soon as the next chapter is ready ( Not like you wouldn't)

Peace, Love and Rubber Gloves,

7/15/2013 c7 2fireproofblonde
Please update as soon as you can. I really liked
7/5/2013 c8 1mariokartprince
Oh, this is gold. You've got this fantastic plot, a very intriging and mysterious new character with many traits that just make you want to keep on reading, and a new perspective that makes it seem like I'm reading the Post Hero all over again. Not to mention, your grammar is nearly flawless which actually makes the story much more enjoyable. No internal spell check going DING DING DING DING DING! because there's lots of mistakes. Well done!
7/2/2013 c8 Final Tuna
Awesome another chapter. Now for my weird question, something tells me Percy and Annabeth are going to die in the canon story since the Doors of Death must be sealed on both ends. Meaning someone will have to stay on the other side. Now knowing Percy he won't let Annabeth die he'll most likely give her to Nico and the others. So if that does happen will your Percy die like canon which is a big if but that is how I see the Heroes of Olympus heading. Now sorry for this large review and I can't wait till the next chapter:)
7/2/2013 c8 5bookwormultimate
love it
7/2/2013 c8 GirlyGamer1986
plz add the next chapter soon plz
7/2/2013 c8 16Anaklusmos14
Good chapter.. love the updates
6/26/2013 c7 BTRWorld
Another great chapter keep up the good work. Now I have a question will Andee show up at Camp Jupiter later and by that I mean before the Argo II. Also sorry for this question but will Percy have a POV at Camp Jupiter or will it be a timeskip and the two will be reunited.
6/17/2013 c7 Guest
When are you gonna update
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