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6/17/2015 c20 Idea
Nice story you got here. If there is one thing I would recommend trying out is giving percy and other characters some importance. I know that andee is very powerful but I sorta feel like you are forgetting the other characters. Percy is incredibly powerful and dosent take bs from anyone. Same with Jason, who is a Roman therefore somewhat power hungry. I guess it's cool that andee is op but It sort of feels like everyone else is powerless. Especially in the last story when you wrote andee could control water better than percy who is a son of the sea god. Makes no sense to me. Anyways keep writing and good luck.
6/7/2015 c20 ChubbyBunny11
I would say that this is an amazing story but I hate you too much right now for doing this to percy and andee
6/3/2015 c20 Guest
:( I miss their relationship
6/3/2015 c20 2Dannykilmore
Hey, so I'm not that big on reviewing on stories (I don't usually review, and I don't really know why). Fan fiction is just something that I love personally and it gives me a state of mind and enjoyment just reading like I would a book. I just wanted to write this because I absolutely love this story and the previous story to this. I'm thinking about making a OC story just because this inspired me. I'm busy writing my other story so I have no time to even think about it. Anyways I'm not trying to advertise or anything. I just really love your writing and how this story developed. Pretty please update this story. This is probably my favorite series/story on fanfiction and I have been following this story for a while and just love when you update this! You are a very good writer and I enjoy every chapter you produce! Sorry it was kinda long! I'll be sure to review on these chapters just because I love this story too much
5/26/2015 c19 SimplyKelly
Super happy to be reading this story again. I'm still hurting from what Andee did, but O trust your writing 't wait to see what you have in store for us!
5/26/2015 c19 6daughterofeos11
you need to update!
5/25/2015 c19 I'm done wit it
Woop. Great chapter, can't wait for more... seriously I want more. lastly I agree, way better then the blood of olympus. OP Piper sucks.
5/25/2015 c19 Mockingbirds
Wow it's been a long time since you last posted. I hope we can see the next chapter posted up soon! I really want to see what happens next especially concerning Percy and Andee.
5/3/2015 c18 Guest
Please continue this story, it's way to good to stop now!
4/9/2015 c18 Guest
NAWW PERDEE (percy x andee perdee?) PLEASE BRING MA OTP BACK PLEASE! MAKE THEM COUPLE AGAIN! btw realy really good fanfic. in mah favorite 4 (yes i said 4 not 5 (FUCK DA POLICE)) but srs you are one of the best writers on the site. i think youre th best writer on da site along with anaklusmos14 and pluto'sdaughter11 so please keep udating and have a nice day! ( (::) cookie (::) )
3/17/2015 c18 Fred
I swear to chaos you better update or I will take over your world! Lol. Nah I like this fanfic, ten times better than blood of olympus or should I say OP Piper Book.
3/13/2015 c18 Wakinguptoashanddust
I officially hate you now... You leave us hanging for ages and don't even let us see Andee meet Percy for the first time again? I swear to Zeus, you better not make it Andee/Leo. If you do you will never wake up again. And I'll make sure Hades gives you the worst punishments possible. And you will rotate around with different punishments. And by the way, that wasn't a threat. It was a promise.
3/12/2015 c18 Perseus Apollyon
Yooooooo. Glad you are back! Excellent chapter... I'm just waiting to see percy again! He's probably gonna be a heartbroken piece of seaweed... and severely depressed XD. Wonder if he knew what she was doing and ran away O.o. Anyways keep updating!
3/10/2015 c18 Guest
Is percy going to get on board
3/9/2015 c18 Mockingbirds
I'm glad you're back! Um where was Percy lol
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