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for A Date For Death

5/20 c8 1000000000pepole
5/20 c5 1000000000pepole
the names are inari(grandson) tazuna(bridge builder)
2/6 c8 2arya304
I know I'm late to the game but I really hope it's the mineral control one because that one sounds so cool
12/31/2020 c45 Guest
Kimmimaro's weakness is definitely not Taijutsu. Against Gai with the eight gates he wouldn't stand a chance, sure, but the dead bone pulse is literally the perfect defence against practically almost every single taijutsu user aside from strength enhancers like the eight gates, senjutsu and tsunade's technique.
12/31/2020 c30 Guest
You do realise that Sakura's mom is named Mebuki right? And she doesn't have pink hair.
4/6/2020 c1 TheZeitgeist
Hey retard, why do you put spaces in between punctuation? Fucking moron. And gays are disgusting.
3/18/2020 c5 prinsipealas
man. He must sucks at training. itachi became anbu captain at the age of 13. But here we are, naruto, who was trained by the ten tailed beast herself, is just around chunin level at 12. lol. it does not makes any sense.
3/3/2020 c62 migros256
Thanks , good story.
12/1/2019 c54 XxxDemonWolfxxX
. .DOWN! I love this man so fucking good
12/1/2019 c52 XxxDemonWofxxX
Ten more pages left! I fucking love this book man!
12/1/2019 c33 XxxDemonWolfxxX
Ahhhhh I'm back and now I'm sad bc it's almost over as promised I will give my discord too u if u got it UwU song mind me
12/1/2019 c32 XxxDemonWolfxxX
You sick bastard I fucking love you for making this and NO HOMO or all homo my dear friend? Also at the end of the book I'll give you my discord if you got it hit me up!
11/7/2019 c58 bedsmihty
The dog dick is the ending the dick is already good Naruto will destroy the Shinobi world I'm sorry I read your fanfic if the ending is going to be like this dog bastard mending dead you are the writer
11/7/2019 c58 Guest
dick you bastard dog ending ending kek dick mending kaga do not make fanfic you bastard ending you cheap dick, the MC was Badas and strong so naive like this to the dick, oath regret
8/18/2019 c5 bennibob
decent idea for a story, but the grammar is off just enough to through me out of the story. I might come back if I cant find anything else to read
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