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for I Finally Know How I Feel About You

2/7/2016 c1 Guest
Sorry to bother you like that, but as a guest, I have no other means to reach to authors. Did you know that on the latest Inazuma story you commented "And they Lived Unhappily Ever After - OC's Needed', the author reviewed herself ? Thanks to the 2nd account Tears of Decay ?
3/4/2013 c1 12Puchii
you are so good! and it's your first try Red-writing-fantasy!
i kinda giggled at the last part but, WHAT THE HECK! it was so good!
un like my first attempt.. -_-
3/3/2013 c1 Gsjjrurhsjfjdjdjf
Oh my gosh...
This is sooo incredibly cute...
And I thought Alpha was emotionless...
Not true completely not true...
It's such a sweet... And basty sometimes...
Love him...
Sorry for late review...
Wish u good luck...
See ya.
3/3/2013 c1 16Twilight-A-16
this is soooo cute
I always liked alpha
And I love it that there's a Alpha x reader fic now
this site just needed one!
3/1/2013 c1 5FluffyLavandelClouds
Alphy ;) I so love this one

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