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for Thaw Out My Love, Make Me Shiver

11/22 c18 Dianne Steedman
I loved your story very much, thank you
4/25 c18 Hello
I'm a bit late to the party on this one, but it was a fun read :) Thanks for the fic!
3/18/2016 c17 richterri
Please contuie write thaw out my love make me shiver I am really enjoying so much
1/29/2016 c17 joy destiny
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8/10/2015 c10 30lilyvandersteen
Oh dear... Oh dear! That's just horrible. I can't understand why Burt didn't cotton on long before...
8/10/2015 c9 lilyvandersteen
So this "Marking" is putting a cuff on the sub of your choice? I still think Blaine's mother is horrible, and the rest of his family is clearly no better (except Cooper).
8/10/2015 c8 lilyvandersteen
Grrr, I'm angry with Delia! Why couldn't she have waited to comment until AFTER the kiss?
8/10/2015 c7 lilyvandersteen
Oh dear... I'm sad to hear about your grandfather :-(

Tina and Cooper? I so didn't see that one coming...
8/10/2015 c6 lilyvandersteen
Cooper's not going to blab to their mom, is he? Blaine's mother is horrible!
8/10/2015 c5 lilyvandersteen
Uh-oh, Blaine's parents... Did they notice the kiss?
8/10/2015 c4 lilyvandersteen
I'm glad Blaine and Kurt have become friends and Kurt is opening up to Blaine :-)
8/10/2015 c3 lilyvandersteen
Are you sure they're not dates, Kurt? They certainly feel like dates to me... Pity that Blaine's planning on heading elsewhere after graduation. Would he give up those plans to join Kurt in NY?
8/10/2015 c2 lilyvandersteen
I love it when Blaine sings Queen :-) He'd sound marvellous singing Killer Queen.

Uh-oh, Sam's scaring Blaine off, is he? And now Kurt is slowly becoming interested... I love this!
8/10/2015 c1 lilyvandersteen
This is a very interesting take on the soulmate trope. Reading on ...
7/26/2015 c18 2the-power-of-love
Love it
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