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5/31 c1 Guest
Hahaha this is pretty good. There should be a Lamd that Time Forgot version where they’re marooned on the mysterious island of caprona. Plenty of opportunity for drama due to treachery and survival against a more varied menagerie of animals.
I had an idea that they are first marooned on the Arctic side. They have to get over an icy mountain but Gwen becomes deathly ill with pneumonia. Weak from her illness she looses her footing and tumbles down several times until she can no longer climb up.
Lindsey asks her if she’s okay and with tears in her eyes, Gwen shakes her head and quietly says “no...”
Cody is distressed by her predicament. He, Lindsey Owen and Leshawna refuse to go on without her. Duncan and CIT reluctantly give in.
Over the next few days they face the ferocity of capronas Arctic winds. Gwen is being cared for by Cody and Lindsey.
CIT is angry that they’re wasting their food and water on her but Leshawna harshly stated that if Gwen is thirsty they’ll giver her water. If she’s hungry they’ll feed her. If she’s cold they’ll keep her warm. They’d do the same for her despite her not deserving it. This shuts her up.
Cody confessed his love to Gwen ad Gwen says she loves him back. She’s thankful that he protected her and cared for her when she feared that they’d leave her to die... cold and alone. Her condition becomes critical and she violently coughs and struggles to breathe. Alas she draws her final breaths and fades from the world.
They bury her the next morning and waste no more time moving on. Cody weeps bitterly at her grave but is consoled by Lindsey who says that he did his best to kept her safe and comfortable during her final hours and that she’ll be waiting for him in heaven.
His cheeks are stained with frozen tears and his teeth fruit with anguish, he lets Lindsey take his hand and lead him away from his beloved.
Tombstone: Here lie Gwen ***, Daughter, Friend, Child of God.
** They make it over the mountain and enter a lush and environmentally diverse land inhabit by Gondwanan creatures from across all the geological eras.
They encounter bizarre dinosaurs, giant rainbow snakes, herbivorous spiked tortoises, giant wombats etc...
they also encounter people resembling Australian aborigines, who become their allies. The Dream People, as Harold christens them, have also discovered diamond and gold in this island. Duncan is seduced with the prospects of making it off the island and leading a proper expedition back to pillage the gold.
He has no respect for the dream people and at one point refers to them as animals, leading to a vicious fight between he and Leshawna which was broken up by the entire group.
Later, when Duncan leads a coup against the team, he sets out to hunt down and kill Cody, the latter attempting to warn Owen. Duncan, having found a stash of WW2 era weaponry, uses a pistol as his tool of choice. He corners Cody and the base of a cliff and fires several shots in rapid succession at the younger boy. He is annoyed that his aim still needs practice but satisfied in having taken out the first of his opponents.
He leaves Cody to die. In his delirium, he could swear he sees Gwen running to him in a field of flowers.

**Duncan is later devoured by tiger-sized, sabertoothed marsupials.
12/18/2017 c15 Ms. Sleepy Clover
Owen being alive is a sin all together...
7/5/2017 c15 Guest
Question,can you do a fan fiction were they cross over with the wrong turn series?
6/13/2016 c3 justin
Duncan would've made it farther but I like ur season
10/23/2014 c5 3ewisko
This was pretty cool, and out of all the faster so far is the one that I enjoyed the most. You also made B interesting, something that I didn't think was possible due to how :Ling boring he is.

The challenge was interesting too, and it's good to see that everyone notices Dawn and Harold's absense. Also, I really hope Katie's gonna die, due to how :Ling stupid she was with her remark. She deserves to be Dino food.

And Tyler's joke at the end was very hilarious 'Dino crap?' 'As in T-Rex Poop?' That got a good chuckle out of me :D

10/13/2014 c4 ewisko
Wow, this was a great chapter! :D

It seems that more of the contestants are growing in suspicsion about Isla Sorna, eh :)

The challenge was pretty cool, and it's great to see that Da Tyler won :L

I will also like to comment on the elimination, you using Brick's instead of Marshmallows is down right hilarious XD

And now we have Da Harold's death, sad and now we have no idea what has become of Dawn!?

I guess I have to read on and see :L

10/12/2014 c1 cookie
eye luv gurassick parc! pleez continyou!
10/11/2014 c3 ewisko
Third chapter finished reading! :L

All right this one was pretty good. We got to see more of the characters from the show and more of the dinosaurs that inhabit the isle.

Cody was written quite well and I that he was in the spotlight for the majority of the chapter. And now he knows first hand what the dinosaurs on Isle Sorna are capable of. Which makes me wonder:

Will he warn anyone?

Dunno, I guess I have to wait til the next chapter to see.

And for the first one eliminated we have, Duncan. I was kind of expecting that, considering he was a major :L during the challenge.

I guess this ends my review thus far, and now I shall predict who will die first: Katie.

Just got a hunch :L
10/7/2014 c2 ewisko
Welp here's the second chapter! Let's not waste anytime and get onto the review,eh?

Again a little short but I do like now that we now see the full contestant list. Also, and I know this is a bit heartless to say, but I seriously hope Courtney dies first. She's :Ling annoying, eh.

Any who, I do believe that all of the contestants here are in character, with no glaring OOC moments from any of them thus far, which is pretty sweet to see. Although I'm a little confused with, oh what am I saying. If Da Zeke wishes to Pick his nose with chocolate milk, than by god he has the god given right to do it eh :D

Another thing I will like to take note of is that I enjoy how you're giving some of the interns/camera crew personalities of their own, such as Dave and Fredrick. I'm intrigued if they will make a big impact on the story or not.

There's also one minor, but nitpick that I have. When Cameron hear's the loud roar from the jungle, how does he know how many decibles it is. I mean unless he has a device that can accurately measure it, he can only make a rough estimate. And then he assumes that it's a new creature. I dunno, I thought the contestants would just think that Chris was just :Ling with them or something.

But hey, that's only a minor nitpick and if that's the only flaw with the chapter, than it's still a fine damn chapter! :D

10/7/2014 c1 ewisko
Hey man, so here's the first chapter of Total Drama Jurassic Park eh?

Now, I have seen Jurassic Park but I do admit that it was a quite a long time ago and I don't really remember a lot from the movie. I'll have to remedy that soon.

Anyway in regards to this chapter I can't really comment much now, and due to this not a lot of the central characters are introduced yet (Except maybe Chris)

But I do like so far how you're writing so far with all the little details.

My one slight criticism however is that Hammond went from not granting Chris his request to get the island, to getting the island a little to quickly. Well maybe a little bit, and I think it would've been cool if we got to see Chris try his swindle his way into getting the island.

But outside that minor complaint I like how the story is going so far, and am excited to see more of the central characters in the next chapter. Luckily because this story is already complete I'll read it right now! :L

7/20/2014 c6 14The Sarcasm Master

Alas. At least B went quickly. Things are getting good, and I have to go for now, but I'll definitely come back to this later!
7/20/2014 c5 The Sarcasm Master
I am envisioning Dave as Dave from PI. :P

That being said, I am really glad Izzy is still alive, and things are heating up, it seems. Whoever is eliminated is LUUUCCCCKKKKYYY. Awesome job.
7/20/2014 c4 The Sarcasm Master
Harold, you died with honor. I salute you. *salutes* It's a pity, but not all too surprising. My headcanon is that Staci was being purposefully annoying to get voted off, because she's REAAAALLLYYYY lucky that she wasn't eaten. I thought she was a goner, but...*sniff* Harold...
7/20/2014 c1 13MrAwesome1999
Loved the chapter man! Looks like Chris is making a really dumb decision by hosting a season on an island like this but hey he's Chris. Anyways this was great and I'm gonna read some more as well :)
7/20/2014 c3 14The Sarcasm Master
So far so good! Duncan is gonna be really glad when he finds out what's going on on the island! I wasn't sure whether Cody was gonna kick the bucket or not, but fortunately not! I hope all o fthem survive, but if I had to guess, Katie, Staci, Cameron, Harold, and Ezekiel are the most likely deaths. But hey, you could surprise me!
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