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for Kingdom Hearts: Cody's Story

11/29/2020 c56 27NiteOwl18
I say this yesterday, and I'll say it again, what a fantastic story! I love the gang going to the Pirates of the Carribean world! And Cody got to relive his dream of being a pirate! I cant wait for a new chapter of Ocean Falls High School; it's been so long. I know you're taking your time. Dont wanna put pressure on you.
11/28/2020 c53 NiteOwl18
What a fantastic story! Their world is restore and Cody and Bridgette got their happily ever after! I'm so proud of them! I notice theres a three bonus chapters that deals with the Pirate of the Caribbean universe. I'll read them tomorrow and finally finish this story!
11/28/2020 c50 NiteOwl18
Dear god, that was a long chapter! I could've finished this yesterday! But at least that guy is finally dead!
11/26/2020 c48 NiteOwl18
So far they got Courtney, Duncan, and Gwen back. Now it was time to face Ansem and closed the last keyhole for good!
11/24/2020 c46 NiteOwl18
The final battle! It all comes down to this! Cody has been brought back from the dead, he and Bridgette confessed their love to each other, they closed the last keyhole and now they're facing Ansem to save Duncan and Gwen! This is so excited!
11/23/2020 c44 NiteOwl18
Oh damn! I didnt expect this ending! So what happens now? Can they get Cody back?! I'm freaking out!
11/22/2020 c42 NiteOwl18
Hooray! Cody got his keyblade and guardians back! But damn, Duncan have been taken over by the darkness by this myterious figure!
11/21/2020 c41 NiteOwl18
That was harsh! After everything Cody's been through, he lost everything he need to save his world!
11/20/2020 c40 NiteOwl18
Oh my god! This is getting intense! They just deal with Geoff and Hades back at the Collousum, now Bridgette have been taken away and her heart. So she was the last princess of heart, huh? Granted it make sense because of her caring nature. Cody is pissed off; now he wants to deal both Duncan and Maleficent for taking his girl away! Also, it was a little funny how Bridgette was jealous at Tinker Bell giving Cody a kiss on the nose. Cant believe I read to fourty chapters since I started this back at November. I might finished this before the month ends. This is a really great story!
11/18/2020 c37 NiteOwl18
Damn that Hades! Never underestimated the Lord of the Underworld! Now Cody and his guardians have to fight Cloud in the last round. They'll survive this together, as long as Hades doesnt plan in cheating. What am I kidding? Yes he does! Slightly funny to see Bridgette being jealous when a girl is hitting on her man.
11/17/2020 c34 NiteOwl18
Cody and Bridgette's love grows, and his friends know the spark and are encouraging it. Courtney finally out of Maleficent's side and joined the King of Disney after discovering the witch's evil purpose. I feel sorry for her to learn she lost Duncan in the hands of Gwen, even though her character was demeaning. Now it's back to the Olympic Colosseum.
11/16/2020 c31 NiteOwl18
It was fun seeing the Pride Lands and interesting to see the gang being animals.
11/14/2020 c28 NiteOwl18
Its was fun seeing Halloween Town, now the gang moves to the world of The Lion King! At least Gwen is starting to see what her actions had led to now that Cody set some personal and harsh words at her.
11/13/2020 c26 NiteOwl18
They went under the sea and kicked some major Heartless ass, and Ursula as well! Poor Bridgette, can't keep a straight face without Ariel hugging her crush! She knows she likes Cody.
11/11/2020 c23 NiteOwl18
Another adventure ended in the world of Mulan. Cody is now seeing Bridgette in a new way that even the characters from the world saw his the obviousness. Oh dear, six of the seven princesses have been found. Only one more left. What would happen if the gang finds the last special princess?
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