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8/26 c42 Hollyhock2.0
hope you finish this epic tale
8/7 c42 A.A
Hi!:) you may not recieve this message, but it is worth it. I just wanted to say that your work on the story is fascinating and i enjoyed it a lot! I found this story just yesterday, and I couldnt stop reading it. It feels like I am Hermione in this story, eventhough i am just a reader of these marvellous chapters. I am impressed by your "novel", and i even think that there isnt a better fan fiction than this one. I havent read a lot of fan fictions but this one is the best one (I am pretty sure for everyone). I guess you are not continuing on the story, but it would be great if you would just give the readers an answer about the ending. I hope you will continue on with the story :) I would love to see it continue and I bet so will the other followers and readers.

Thank you SO much !

All the best,
7/14 c42 sarae32
So glad to have you back. Might have to re-read this story just to remember all the details. Drats! Great chapter and I really hope Hermione gets her head out of the sand sometime soon.
6/27 c42 Thais Rose Ferreira
Olá! Gostaria de te parabenizar por esse enredo fantástico! A história me prendeu desde a primeira linha, por favor continua. Ansiosa pelo próximo capítulo. Bjs
6/12 c42 Pinto
ohhhhhh soo much angst! wow ok that escalated even more (I don't know how but it did) in this and wow! I'm amazed! This is really getting crazy! ok byeee

Stay safe! Thank you!
6/12 c41 Pinto
...Does anyone else feel like dDaco might be protected because his mother died to save him...anyone? Just a thought. lol #bindgedthis I just wanted to get this out here before I clicked the next chapter. Just a theory.

Stay safe! Hope you and you're loved ones are well Thank you!
5/23 c42 PoisonPensieve
These last couple of updates are so exciting! I CANT WAIT to see how things end!
3/23 c42 Guest
Soooo good. Stumbled upon this for the first time this week and have loved every chapter. Well done! Take care and write at your own pace. Thrilled you are sharing your talents with us.
3/16 c42 Niki1213
This story makes me very happy. Wonderful chapter, thank you. I hope you're all right
3/16 c42 1SusanMarieS
thank you so much for the update. what an exciting one it was. I look forward to more, and great job with the house elf abilities.
3/16 c42 Analena
Glad to have you back. I like how this chapter shows an alternative POV to the previous one, now we're getting Hermione's viewpoint though she has the wrong end of the stick about Draco and Pansy. I'm still sad about Lucius. :'(
3/16 c42 5sonnetStar
Oh wow that was some battle!
Good to have you back!
Hope you’re well.
Can’t wait to read further!
3/16 c42 chapou69
I'm so happy to read the next chapter of this story. I I love it so much.
It's a incredible chapter ! With so much emotions, pain, fear, hope, despair and bravery. I can't wait for the big explanation between Draco and Hermione. Thank you.
3/16 c42 Beatraoz
Yay a new chapter! Absolutely lovely, definitely looking forward to the next one!
3/16 c42 xXMizz Alec VolturiXx
Great to have you back
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