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8/4/2019 c9 2NESSAANCALIME6913
Absolutely loved this story! Will definitely be reading this over and over again.
2/13/2018 c9 1hakufandomgirl
Wow, just wow! i love the Revx oc and the whole story was written nicely!
5/31/2017 c10 3Castiel Angel Heart
It makes me sad that some rude person or persons insist on ruining things for other people, but if you have to take your stories down to get some peace, so be it.
5/31/2017 c10 10Apphia
Can you report them? Send in a screen shot of the reviews? I know you can't block them since they are a guest but maybe the site people can do something? I really enjoy this story I go back to re-read it once in a while. Good Luck!
5/31/2017 c10 lin248
I understand your frustration and how you grew tired of it
but please don't remove the stories I really enjoy them
these stories you've written are really good and you don't find these stories just anywhere
9/21/2014 c9 12Naguabo
I liked this story, but rather than have a summary of what everyone ended up doing, I would have liked to see some sort of a scene. Maybe Sandra and Rev's wedding, or watching them begin to live together. Maybe you could do a companion piece that looks at everything in greater detail.
And I have an idea for a different story - what if there was a player of a third race - Asian, or Latino, or Middle Eastern or Indian, who joined the team?
9/21/2014 c5 Naguabo
I liked how Sheryl was ready to speak her mind with Coach Boone. And how the coaches could share their history.
9/21/2014 c3 Naguabo
I like seeing Sandra as an added ingredient to this mix. Maybe she's a bit too perfect though?
5/16/2014 c9 4FlowerChild23
your story is so good. it made me cry. loved it.
3/26/2014 c9 1Alex B. Goode
Righteous! Awesome!
3/26/2014 c8 Alex B. Goode
So awesome!
3/26/2014 c7 Alex B. Goode
That was so great.
3/26/2014 c6 Alex B. Goode
3/26/2014 c5 Alex B. Goode
So beautiful!
3/26/2014 c4 Alex B. Goode
Good stuff!
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