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10/10 c9 1Thuglas-El-Bosso
I have to say, Palpatine's chapter is absolutely brilliant.
5/27 c6 16DrCyrusBortel
Luminara Unduli sent Offree on a mission with poor chances of survival, and was not particularly fazed when it appeared that the mission had turned into a suicide mission.
5/18 c1 Vespers
Poor Barriss. Your fics always seem unsettling. This bit hit me. Hard. ‘"Hey master my squad got 56 yesterday, how about you?" I once heard Ahsoka ask.

"Not bad Snips, but we got 75. Better luck next time." Her Master would happily reply.

Oftentimes they were referring to the number of droids they had destroyed, but just as often they were referring to the amount of living enemies they had killed. These were living people they were so casually referring to, people they had murdered, and they were treating it like playful banter!’
Very hard.
3/22/2017 c1 Guest1
I've just read all the chapters of this fanfiction, and I will admit that this is an outstanding insight into the characters of the Clone Wars affected by "The Wrong Jedi". You show the thoughts of each character reflecting their past, present, and their personal goals and futures, tailoring each to suit each characters personality with distinction.

My personal best are Anakin and Palpatine, the first showing Anakin's growing doubts and taking another step to what he will become in Revenge of the Sith. Palpatine's chapter shows what Barriss' fate might be and a stunning look at Palpatine as Sidious.

I might want to suggest writing up Ezra's thoughts and feelings during and after his pilgrimage to Tatooine. I believe it would be insightful and very interesting to see how 'Twin Suns' has affected Ezra, and how it would affect his future decisions.
7/7/2015 c9 871-1 Marines
Nice job.
However, odds are Barriss would not be sentenced to death. Considering how Bane, Tambor, and Poggle (granted, the last two had Plot Armor due to ROTS) didn't have to escape the death row, odds are she would be locked up for either Palpatine to dispose of her discreetly (perhaps a..."suicide" like in this story) or until she could be turned into an Inquisitor.
Tarkin's pretty spot on. While his bigotry against aliens is consistent with the old EU/Legends (judging by Wookieepedia), odds are now he simply despises all of the "rabble," real or imagined. He probably could respect (but view as potential or actual rivals) competent non-humans like, say, Thrawn or Amedda, but would hold contempt for idiotic humans like Ozzel.
5/26/2014 c9 4Kablob
Holy crap, that was disturbing. I've written my own Palpy gloating to Barriss scene, but this one was just terrifying.
5/2/2014 c9 1Mastermind4892
Truly extraordinary!
4/27/2013 c9 Jepsie
This story has proven that you can handle multiple POVs well by making each have his or her distinct voice. You're especially good with Palpatine. I hope you move on from just creating monologue-centric stories to ones with more dialogue because you write it well. Don't sell yourself short.

I look forward to reading more of your stories.
4/13/2013 c1 29Lordhadrian
Well done
3/12/2013 c9 16DarthObsydian
*Round of applause*

Inspiring work you have put together here.
This last chapter sent a chill down my spine xD
3/11/2013 c9 8GreyWolf93
End *plays more dramatic version of Imperial March.*
3/11/2013 c9 53Count Mallet
I so loved this chapter. Even before this arc was shown, I speculated that Palpatine had a hand in it. Sadly, the show was so fixated on the conspirracy against Ahsoka that we saw little else. So, we don't know if Palpatine officially was behind the plot or not. I like that you took the idea that he was and ran with it, so to speak.

I love how Palpatine was so brazen to reveal his true identity and plans to Barriss. He knew fully well she - or anybody else for that matter - could do anything about it or stop him, and he simply doesn't care. I also like what appeared to be an implication that he was behind the security system manipulations and the cover-ups that happened within the prison.

I enjoyed this chapter so much, I think it would have made a nice bonus scene for the Season 5 Finale.

- Count Mallet -
3/11/2013 c9 MissOffee
Oh. Wow. That was incredible. Poor Barriss. Man, you really made Palpatine twisted. It's... Amazing. Words cannot describe. I have thouroughly enjoyed reading these, and I hope it's not your last story!
3/10/2013 c8 9AshlaTi
In the beginning, I swear I heard shades of Lincoln in his musings. Then I heard Obama talking of drone kills on Americans and Clinton and Bush speaking of wire-tapping Americans. A wonder what could happen to freedom with men like this in charge. He truly is hitching his wagon to Palpatine's horse isn't he.

I like that he thinks of solutions for the Jedi to survive, not that it matters to him one way or another. I like that you included snippets of his conversations from A New Hope in his thoughts. Well done
3/10/2013 c8 53Count Mallet
I'll be first to admit, I'm not a fan of Tarkin after his anti-Ahsoka crusade. So, I did scan through this a bit quickly.

What I did like is how you portrayed what would become known as the Tarkin Doctrine. We saw a small taste of this when he was rescued in the Citadel arc, but it's very obvious Tarkin has had time to revise and refine his views.

I'm definitely looking forward to your chapter with Palpatine. I'm curious to see if he masterminded the whole plot... if he was totally uninvolved (and glad to have the chance to execute a Jedi irregardless)... or some other twist.

- Count Mallet -
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