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for Ben 10: Ultimate Effect

11/10/2013 c7 NeoDarklight
New reader of your stuff here, and loving it so far. Never played the Mass Effect games (though I REALLY want to), so I have to rely on the wiki for my information. That said, even just from the wiki, I can see why Tali is such a popular character for a love interest for male!Shepherd. So I was thinking, even though there's not going to be a Ben/Tali pairing, the (first chapter of the) Ultimate Romance fic made me think about other repercussions of "fixing" the immune systems of Quarians. Especially considering that the Omnitrix "fixes" such defects by splicing the genes of appropriate alien DNA into the subjects. Will that ever have a potential repercussion in your fic?
11/9/2013 c7 devo342
11/6/2013 c1 huge jacked man
Sunder isn't that much of a Pushover isn't he? I mean, in Ultimate Alien, he beat Ultimate Cannonbolt. In fact other than Omniverse(sucks), he hasn't been actually beaten. In Alien Force, they just sent him to the Null Void. IN UA Azmuth got him to stop. I don't think Fourarms would be enough to stop him. He'd match him blow for blow.
11/6/2013 c1 dude
Where's Rook Blonko? There's lots of... negative qualities about Omniverse, but Rook isn't one of them. He's skilled, smart a good soldier etc. I think he'd do good in the Mass Effect world.
11/7/2013 c7 wolfsblood13
I love your story its so original and funny that once you start to read cant stop. hope you update soon.
11/6/2013 c1 1FURIOUS-PRIME
update dammit!
11/2/2013 c7 Guest
will you update already! its getting on my nerves now!
11/2/2013 c5 4Twilight-Lloyd
Jack can also rip a YMIR mech in half.
11/1/2013 c7 1tylerbamafan34
I'm honestly liking this story. Its fun and I personally want to see Ben rip Paradox a new one for not even bothering to ASK if he would help.

As for the alien form in the spar with Garrus, my guess is Wrath. That guy's awesome. And Garrus would appreciate it as well.
10/31/2013 c7 3Kira Zero Yamato
This is awesome! Well written, well delivered, and plenty of all the good stuff. The good stuff being action, romance, and a nice dose of humor. Practically perfect in my opinion. I honestly can't wait for more.

P.S. Personally I believe that tali would be the best squad-mate to romance Ben.
10/29/2013 c7 Guest
Can't wait for next chapter
10/28/2013 c7 12ridtom
Please update soon, you've got me sooo hooked! I'd enjoy seeing Kasumi/Ben/Jack, sort of like a batman and catwoman thing.
10/27/2013 c7 Ashley.Luv.2.read
I really like your story can't wait for next chapter
10/27/2013 c1 Ashley.Luv.2.read
Awesome story please show Way Big in the end to surprise the other mass effect characters
10/26/2013 c7 Gytrash1167
Lol'd. I love it.
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