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for Ben 10: Ultimate Effect

3/3/2013 c2 13Lt. Cmdr. Radner
Well things seem to be getting interesting for our favorite hero. The only alien I would really like to see is Rath during the final fight to clean up the plauge. Just hearing him say "Let me tell ya somthing..." brings a smile to cockles of my heart, also Ben needs to scan a krogan, a geth, and a collector for the Omnitrix. And if during one of the BIG battles like Horizon, the collector ship, or the Suicide Mission you could have Alien X show up and kick several shades of shit out of the Collectors and the Reapers, I will do the snoopy dance.

Until the next update true believer... LT OUT!
3/2/2013 c1 Lt. Cmdr. Radner
Having just got into Mass Effect, I like where this story is going. I also like the idea of basically IGNORING Omniverse, I took ONE LOOK at the art style and I was "Ah hell no." Alien Force was a PERFECT sequel series and Ultimate Alien while flawed at times was still fun and enjoyable. I look forward to enjoying this fic and seeing how you handle the epic that is to come. I will voice my opinion right now on a romantic interest, if you go with a female Shepard then Ben should be paired with Tali, she is one of my favorite crew members and she has the sexiest voice in the whole game. If you go male Shepard then he should be paired with Miranda cause A) Male Shepard and Tali is a match made in heaven and 2) Miranda is a sexy fem fatal that i could see Ben being attracted to.

See ya at the next update True Believer... LT OUT!
3/2/2013 c1 24Bigby the Big Bad Wolf
Well, man. I gotta say that you are off on an awesome start! I love how you had Paradox recommend Ben but also stated that he is not fond of Cerberus's "Human Supremacy" viewpoint. I am seriously looking forward to this and what it has to offer. Shepard's crew as well as the whole Mass Effect universe are all gonna be keeping their eye on Ben 10. I already voted and would like to see Shepard as a female.

I hate the graphics of Omniverse but some arcs are good. And some of the aliens are cool too with Gravattack and Feedback being among them. I kinda liked the whole Malware plot with the Nemetrix. And some parts like Many Happy Returns.

Ben waking up in Omega? Oh, man. I can just imagine him almost instantly getting Aria's attention. She'd want this strange shapeshifter on her side or dead. Say now, does this mean Ben will run into Garrus? That'd be cool. I'll be sure to vote on Ben's love interest as well. I'm a sucker for romance.

By the way, aside from my main Bleach: UA fic, I'm also gonna working on an AU version. One where the Ben 10 universe is separate from the Bleach universe. There's going to be some changes and alterations with Tia being Ben's only love interest but I hope to make it good. As for your story: like I said, you've got a kick-ass start and I'm seriously looking forward to more.
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