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for Ben 10: Ultimate Effect

7/7/2015 c9 Wash
Seeing no update makes meh cri.
6/7/2015 c5 SonOfNenji
Alright, so maybe you know what you're doing.

6/7/2015 c3 SonOfNenji
First of all, 'the more things change, the more they stay the same' applies in stories like this unless the author is brilliant. This is self-inflicted.

Secondandly, originality \ quality. Besides, how many alien shapeshifters have you seen paired with Tali? Give us a better reason.

I sure as hell don't see him getting with any Asari/human onboard. (though transforming him into the local species and getting his perspective on them might be interesting).

Tali seems like the kind of person to be good for Ben, especially if he can cheat at it. She's sweet, smart, inquisitive. He's heroic, caring, and has advanced alien technology and the ability to turn into a super-genius.

5/11/2015 c9 6Muminpappan
4/16/2015 c9 4G-AME5
More please
4/14/2015 c9 Guest
please update
3/10/2015 c8 10War Cry's
Started reading this chapter when 'Divine Sorrow' started.
Closest I've been to crying in 2-3 years, nothing more crushing then a treasured one just... gone.
My condolences to Loki.
1/25/2015 c9 20Mace sheperd
I vote for your Miranda/Ben/ Jack idea.
1/21/2015 c9 Guest
Never going to be updated again? Shame, good storytelling with actual if minor changes from canon plot.

A bit disturbing to think of Ben and those Normandy ladies, even if he is nineteen. Headcanon, what can you do eh?
1/16/2015 c9 Reader
Marvelous! Eagerly awaiting updates!
1/1/2015 c9 3Gaslight88
Please updated or tell us when you might updated I really want to see what happens next and I like the idea of ben having a harem in this story keep going with it
12/24/2014 c9 2Mr. KR-18
Love the story Judge but there are some things bugging me:
1). No one, not even MORDIN, are questioning or even curious about how bens aliens function. I expected Mordin to be questioning him nonstop on how diamond-heads biology works or how a plant creature like Swampfire can produce FIRE.
2). The harem-just no. I can buy him getting with Miranda, Jack...maybe, Katsumi higher possibility than Jack, but no Harem. It just doesn't work in this setting.
3). How come his watch isn't scanning the ME aliens like it scans practically everything else.
Aside from that I like everything else and am enjoying this story.
11/17/2014 c9 6Alliance Empire
I'm not really hoping for a harem, that be a little awkward in this universe. Hoping for Miranda x Ben though.
11/8/2014 c9 3The Richmaster
So far so good, just one question though:
Why didn't the Omnitrix scan any of the aliens? or does it already have their DNA? it would be interesting to see an Asari Ben
11/1/2014 c1 Guest
Hey judge royces i really like what your wrote i know its been a while since your last update and post of a new chapter but i hope even though its been a while u will post a new chapter soon this is two good to let die
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