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for Secrets of the Capitol

3/6/2016 c24 bookygurl3400
I know it's been a while, but played continue this. Its great! Just the right balance of angst and happy. Please update?
3/19/2015 c24 jazmin4
I love this so much! It's funny at times and it portrays the characters perfectly. I love it!
5/6/2014 c24 7TobiasBoon
This is amazing! I would have never thought to combine these two worlds, but you've done it beautifully. My favorite moment was when Tris pulled her lightning out an shocked Gale like it was no big deal... priceless! Please continue, I really want to see how this plays out
3/4/2014 c24 cdg12
This is a VERY nice story! This crossover surely is unique, and I am very interested to see how this is going to turn out. Lovely writing, good luck with the next chapter!
2/8/2014 c23 The Reader
Pretty good. Keep writing it.
12/15/2013 c23 6b00kw0rms
So now we can see it from the other side! Nice twist. I wonder, does time pass the same on both sides?
12/8/2013 c23 alanek2002
Ack! ... sorry for not reviewing more often. I read and enjoy each chapter, But I review very rarely. I've read well over a hundred stories here, and follow 2 dozen, but I've reviewed just under 10 times...
9/13/2013 c20 b00kw0rms
Haha I love this! Awesome!
9/1/2013 c19 Little Chibi
The chapter's a bit short, but I think that's a good thing. It's just as long as it needs to be.
9/1/2013 c19 10Bion
Please add more
8/25/2013 c19 6b00kw0rms
Go Daja! This was an okay chapter, it was kinda short :(
8/15/2013 c18 Little Chibi
Yes! More updates! Seriously, these chapters keep getting better and better.
8/5/2013 c18 b00kw0rms
Ooh! Awesome update! This story is so good, and you are such an awesome writer! I love it!
7/21/2013 c17 b00kw0rms
Haha I loved the little part with Tris and Briar. I think you had that perfectly! I am also excited to see how this new pairing goes! Great chapter, and the part with Daja and Gale was insightful.
7/15/2013 c16 Little Chibi
Yay! More updates! More awesomeness! HAPPY DANCE! ! !
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