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for Hooked

1/28/2019 c2 31rojy
This is promising and I love how they are bickering together. Hope you would come back someday
5/7/2014 c2 sheyla.prieto
omo this gotta be one of my favorite hookriel fanficition could you finish it :3
9/21/2013 c2 5IWillNeverStopFangirling
Liking this so far!
Update soon :)
7/8/2013 c2 QuirksOfThyMind
I LOVE this so far :) It's great - fantastic grammar, very imaginative and just awesome! Please carry on :)
3/19/2013 c2 Esmerada007
i like this. i hope you continue this
3/7/2013 c2 17TaurielOakenshield
This really cute please keep writing:D And you might not watch Once but Killian seems like Killian LOL
3/6/2013 c2 LovelySnowQueen
I really like how you've depicted Ariel and hook was hook lol for someone not watching it you sure as heck have him down! I really like it please please update more! :)
3/3/2013 c2 31MerriWyllow
Sweet! And a very good image of the possibilities.
3/3/2013 c2 3China-kouran
Oh Ariel is amazing! I love her sassyness and Killian is so clueless!
3/3/2013 c1 China-kouran
Oh this is to good. Your Hook is so in character for never having seen this show you must have a great friend telling you how he acts all the time :) I can't wait to see how this progresses! I am so very excited to see more Hook and Ariel!

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