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for The Truth About Elves DISCONTINUED

1/12/2023 c27 Guest
Somewhere in the legendarium it's stated that Elves don't sleep like mortals do, but instead drift off into kind of a meditative day-dream for a while.
1/12/2023 c26 Guest
I'm think I'll take your advice about asking a telemarketer to be my friend. Sounds hilarious
1/12/2023 c20 Guest
Your story may be a slight mary-sue, but well-written and interesting LOTR fanfics are hard to find. Also, I love the sarcasm. Especially late at night when my brain doesn't work properly. Thanks for writing this. I really enjoy reading it.
9/8/2022 c38 Guest
Please morrrrreeee
9/2/2021 c38 Nighthawk
I loved this story. Please please finish it. I know it's been like 16 something years since you last wrote but please finish the story!
3/1/2019 c38 3cherryorpeach
My heart when I read through chapter 38 and scrolled down to click next but then discovered there was no next.

Oh gosh, this entire story... I cried, I laughed, I shouted, slammed my laptop shut, threw my phone, choked on food, got to class late, and many other things. My mind is still processing this story and I'm going over all minor and major details again and again just because it was such a hilarious, adventurous, and gut wrenching at the end.
2/24/2017 c38 Hailee Kei
if ever happens u read this, i just want u to know that i have work in the next two hours and i didnt sleep the whole night because this is an amazing fic.. if u find a heart to continue this pls do..
4/26/2015 c38 gabriella651
I don't suppose that you could update this story despite the fact that it says discontinued right? Well regardless it was a very nice fanfic that was quite entertaining. My only complaint is that it is not finished!
9/13/2013 c1 Amythra
I love this story so far, is really good, I hope you would finish it :(
12/31/2012 c3 Guest
4/4/2012 c38 please delete account
I understand this story is discontinued, but for the love of fanfiction, nothing is old or perished. And this story deserves so much praising for lasting this far. Its a masterpiece, though a half-way-through-one to be exact, but an incredible piece indeed.

I love Haley's character dearly; personality and all, she's a delightful character and an instant favourite I'm quite sure of it. And the fact that it took her that long to realize her crush/love for Legolas fits well for her character. The only time I ever saw her as a Sue was at the beginning when we found out she was an Elf but after that, her personality won my attention. Especially those early scenes with Elrond, definitely received a smile once in a while.

You have a very talented way of making us laugh, or rather shaping Haley's character that made us want to meet this imaginary character in person. She's hilarious and I can never get enough of her antics and remarks, she's something alright. The scene that got me laughing so hard it could not have been possible to laugh even more was the singing scene to Helms Depp. My favourite scene indeed, and it only took her boredom to make her choice of entertainment. Classic. Also, having her practicing Sindiran and being bothered by Legolas once in a while, lovely touch.

The other characters were also likable and in-characters. Especially Gimli and Aragorn. They acted so family-like, with the constant bickering from the former and father figure from the latter, it seemed so fitting to make the Elf-prince her beau. Though those many scenes I could have anticipated were short-lived. But the story is still up and I still got to read the existing interactions between them, and many humor that got me laughing, hard, thus I am much satisfied with just that. No matter what, this story will not leave me without remembrance. Thank you for the lovely story and the humor you present to us.
3/27/2012 c38 1Red red red ribbon
Awww I love this fic! Please please think about writing more of it please!
9/19/2011 c38 StarryEyed99
cant wait for the next chapter =]
4/26/2011 c3 jamber17
5/27/2010 c38 Neutrino Girl
are you really not ever going to continue this story? could you at least, pretty please with cherry on top tell me how it will end? please please please? 'Cause I'm dying to know what will happen! please?...
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