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for Of Lies and Deceit and Hidden Personas

5/11 c48 turtles peach
...I stand by my earlier statement about the elite being spelled by Dumbledore. He had ample time and access. He was headmaster when they went to school. And even after that, he could simply request a meeting about a topic that would get their attention and spell them then. We already know he's a big fan of using memory charms. In Izar's case,it's the only thing that makes any amount of sense. It would explain his blind hatred toward Harry.
5/10 c45 turtles peach
I swear, if they're not all charmed or spelled in some way it would be a miracle...
5/10 c57 Powerofthewolves18
Love it, re-read it for the 5th or 6th time with this update and am eager to find out what happens next
5/8 c1 Guest
Can u up date fallen angel
5/7 c57 1nado04
AHHH YESSSS Thank you for finally updating I loved the sneak peak into what Dumbledore is doing, plus the house politics now that their Lord/Ladyships have been revealed!
5/5 c35 turtles peach
... Nott has been charmed or cursed
5/3 c57 aereandria
like the bit with the Gryffindors. kinda didn't realise how weird their actions looked if you didn't know about all the evil stuff done by dumbles and co. oooooooooh finally a glimpse of the larger scheme, i've been trying to guess this i confess. lovin this tidbit even tho its left me puzzled! is dumbles in some sort illuminati type wizard club out to rule the world O.O?! or control all the magic...mb? argh idk haha. cant wait to find out!
amazing as always!
5/2 c57 Guest
God, every time you post a new chapter i reread the whole thing and every time i do its always my favourite story to read, thanks for the update Jess, i cant wait for more x
5/1 c57 HeRonLove
I loved the Ron and Hermione perspective.
4/27 c42 Rairi Valelira
Me thinks by now that the author really loves to write harry getting rammed up the bum lol
4/26 c36 Rairi Valelira
4/25 c57 Jess
Omfg love your story and so happy you updated. The suspense was killing me. Thanks for an awesome chapter
4/24 c57 AllyKatt91
I'm so happy with the new chapter. I can't WAIT for more updates!
4/23 c30 Rairi Valelira
Suicidal recklessness and doesnt care if he dies. Gryffandor indeed
4/23 c57 8erikablair
great update, keen for yhe next chapter
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