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for Ruthless and Reckless

3/18/2014 c1 Guest
My question for this story is that after Rivkin I have a hard time believing that a trained Mossad/NCIS officer would fall for the same trick again.
10/14/2013 c4 nando2k50
Very good chapter, do not like the incompetent Tony but overall the story is good...
6/30/2013 c3 maria
Amazing chapter!
update soon pretty please O:-)
5/16/2013 c3 Guest
Interesting story :)
Update soon, please !
4/16/2013 c3 prince-bishop
good chapter.
3/20/2013 c2 Zivatjl12
Thank you for updating this story and including your author's notes :) Please do not let Ziva get hurt too much. Thanks again.
3/17/2013 c2 prince-bishop
good chapter
3/5/2013 c1 Zivatjl12
Thank you for this story. Will Ziva realize that Eli, once again, is behind this situation? What Ziva's current situation (US citizen, probie agent, etc.) in this story? Sorry for asking so many question. Thanks again.
3/4/2013 c1 8KimRaverFan
I really think this is a great plot so far! Looking forward to more :D

- Btw Hadar is dead ;)
3/4/2013 c1 8never-give-up-hope2
This is a really good start to a story, i am waitin for an update !

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