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for Last Second Savior

5/12 c10 1Fellbane
Oof! 10 chapters, 123k words into a multiple pairing fic and they don't even get together before it's abandoned. The fic is well written and definitely engaging but the pacing is incredibly slow and the content is rather unsatisfying. I recommend you read 'Same Song Different Verse' which is loosely based upon the premise for this fic if you want a satisfying conclusion.
5/9 c7 Devilking1994
Surely Harry should be more powerful than you are showing so far he has fought a war against demons for 10 years I feel like he should of been able to give the Jedi a run for their money

Also letting the Lightsabres deflect spells is kinda silly
5/8 c1 Devilking1994
This was extremely hard to read once I got to the end of the chapter I just felt confused
4/26 c10 Zadenados
yall still alive and posting?
4/23 c9 masterdude94
Just reread this again, and it is STILL one of my favorite stories on here!

I really really hope you find inspiration for this again!
4/18 c10 3Sm0keyPanda
Welp. After 6 years, I daresay this is dead.
Such a shame too, it was really good and only getting better as it went on.
4/4 c10 7Sleeper 3173
Shame that no further chapters were published. This looked promising. Well done for what you did release!
3/10 c1 1PhoenixRunes
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your story repeatedly. I hope you return to it soon. Desperate to see the direction you want to take it. Thank you!
2/16 c7 MonkeyDGabry
bro, you either write a slow burn properly or you don't. There is no way 2 people attracted to each other that sleep together in the nude won't do anything. Especially emotionally unstable people like Aayla and Harry who needed support of each other. Also i hope you know that Aayla's master is married and has a child, so aayla shouldn't really give a fuck about the no attachments rule given who her master is.
2/2 c10 LostDragon49
any chance of update on this story being posted in the near future?
1/31 c10 lazylakesidelounging
Really sad this seems to stop here!
1/30 c2 5N7sdr93
Just re-read this for like the 6th time. I hope you come back to it one day. Even if it is just to post what you already have. I really would like to see how this story plays out.
1/26 c10 syn1867
this is my first Harry Potter/Star Wars fic and I can honestly say I want more of this
1/23 c10 Wulfkin17
Binged this quickly and based on the AN you have more to give but potentially lossed the drive for it. I hope you find it again! You're faved and followed in hopes I'll see this update one day! Good luck!
1/10 c1 5rdg2000
I do hop you are still active on this forum. This is a great story and I hope you can get back to it.
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