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for Last Second Savior

11/30 c2 MattBlack
As long as she doesn't know if her friend is dead she CAN save her... It's like saving Sirius again. Schroedinger's cat...
11/3 c5 10Worldmaker
You have literally takes the ten or so identical stories and merged them. There is nothing original here, and all you are "building" is a Franken story made up of other author' works. I'm surprised Dobby and an infinitely deep pile of expando-trunks haven't shown up.
10/16 c10 AkariS93
I really hope this gets an update soon. This has been one of the better crossovers I've read and I want to see where it goes.
9/29 c10 Lukoshi
Well my disappointment is endless. This has been a fantastic story and I can not believe it hasn't been updated in almost 7 years. Definitely throwing a favourite and follow in the hopes that one day I see an update. If the author is reading this then please continue this so we can have closure ... they didn't even get a smooch in ffs!
9/16 c10 Hadeen
Really enjoyed this story. The slow pace has helped a great deal in fleshing these characters out. I the brief discussions about coping and dealing with grief, loss, etc.
9/16 c10 Fredward1
“Im alive” proceeds to drop the story lmao
8/21 c5 ShankZZ
while don't mind the slow build this has I find it hard to believe that if Harry didn't have a significant other and even Hogwarts was destroyed that he wouldn't have nearly all his possession specifically his library him at all times especially if he was carrying expanded trunk already
8/20 c10 1Murica69
Incredible story, this is definitely one of my favorites.
7/31 c9 SunPho3n1x
Such a fun story! Thank you for writing this!
7/20 c1 Thatnormalweeb1
this a Happy Never After refrence?
6/4 c10 RaZenBrandz
It's a crying shame this isn't updated any longer.
5/31 c10 pincho
Gahanna! Finish your stories!

Damnit, I fell into the trap of one of your awsome stories not realizing it was a different screen name than one of the others I had read with Plum and Kat.
6/1 c5 4Wackuhdoodle
Wait, WHAT?! Reading this the second time through and just saw the “cute and cuddly animals he called Chihuahuas.” Cute and Cuddly?! Never heard anyone call ‘em that before!
5/30 c1 pincho
A wonderful start. If the rest of the story is as good it is sad it isn't completed.
4/30 c10 Guest

It’s been 7 years…
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