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3/24/2021 c1 Vampire Queenz
Wow. I like your username
2/11/2021 c11 hc94436
Please pretty please come back and complete this story!
5/10/2019 c11 devin.kelly.9889
please update soon
10/12/2018 c4 musicalwatcher99
The BBQ place is called yakiniku q team 10 goes there a lot in the show
2/5/2018 c11 haleyham92
i love it when is the next chapter?!
12/14/2017 c11 2Jaganoto
Why is it all the good stories I find seem somewhat neglected, I'm really sorry if this comes as off putting but, please if you are able continue the story
12/15/2016 c6 Last true Naruto fan
There's a plot hole problem in your story with time travel Sakura & Naruto set the time travel Jutsu once used to kill the person using it so who was it that use the time travel Jutsu Naruto and Sakura back in time and it'll say that wants to use the Jutsu that the future there and would be destroyed so how did Shikamaru and Ino follow him if one that you use the future was destroyed they couldn't follow afterwards and who was it was there before me you said there were six of them left and you said that Kakashi and the others came so I have a question how would I be able to do it was just it was initiated for them to follow them through a day later did he say the future will be using that you do so how are the other two able to do that when the future was meeting with Naruto and Sakura use that Jutsu and who was able to set them back there's only 6 of them in the future you remember you didn't think about that when you want these guys in the story did you inconsistent storytelling I would go take a look the first chapter of your believe me
11/5/2016 c8 Guest
I like this sasuke he's more happy
11/5/2016 c6 Guest
It be so cute in the next chapter
11/5/2016 c5 Guest
Is it KAKASHI and sasuke who said that
11/5/2016 c4 Guest
Is it KAKASHI of sasuke
4/8/2016 c11 Guest
Where is the next chapter?
8/20/2015 c11 3samuraipanda85
2 years and counting. So much for next week.
8/20/2015 c9 samuraipanda85
Well alls well that ends well.
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