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6/10/2013 c11 Guest
One thing that bothers me about your stories is that you make Naruto and Sakura out to kind of be.. well dicks...

They came from the future and they meet lee and they are pretty mean to him, shouldn't they be happy to meet an old friend again?
6/11/2013 c11 JROnarusakuhphgfan
Looking forward to the next update of both stories
6/11/2013 c11 ArmouredxSaint
Update soon!
6/11/2013 c11 3DestroyerDRT
Is Kabuto[spelling?] {the one with the cards} still in the Leaf?
6/10/2013 c11 1Raiza-chan
I say Naruto should have a baby sister! :) it would be super cute
6/10/2013 c11 LadyCalus
nice story lookin forward to next chpt :)
6/10/2013 c11 imsabbel
God, you wouldn't even recognize beliveable characters or plausible plot if they were chewing your limbs off. And your writing doesn't come even close to that level.

Seriously. Just stop.
6/10/2013 c11 5kidloco
cool and i forgive you lol

good luck in what you doing :D
6/10/2013 c11 24thedarkpokemaster
Hey its alright and as for it being rushed it does not look like it to me was wondering who the three are at first when Naruto got them but I knew they were the Sound Genin. Anyway keep up the good work.
5/13/2013 c10 Guest
supert history
5/13/2013 c10 mr grimjaw
5/15/2013 c10 5kidloco
is good, is good
5/14/2013 c10 2LeonaMasha
Have enjoyed the story so far. Hope to read more whenever you get the chance! Thanks.
5/14/2013 c10 soul18
5/13/2013 c10 5DeathCheater
Yes, rush is a thing. But no problem. Everything seems fine and to the point. But about itachi being back and he got easy excuses, that the thing. Anyways, i need more chapter, its really lack of update
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