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4/12 c17 Guest
I appreciate the both depth you add to Gwydion's actions here, and the allusion to his unrequited love of Angharad. He has shouldered many heavy burdens, and seems to do so with the ease of a mythic hero. You've given him back some of his humanity. ~ J. Willem
4/12 c12 Guest
Gurgi is such a mystery. He's a simple character, to be sure, but the more I think about it, the more I wonder about his origins. I appreciate the "doggyness" you give him. ~J. Willem
1/15 c15 Guest
Only an old man could grok.

"It may be sanity that tells us what we're feeling, but only love can tell us what is real." - Billy Thorpe, "Eden's Gate".

8/23/2020 c22 68NullNoMore
Thank you for the breadcrumb trail, because if what I think is going is going on, I am in for a treat.
8/22/2020 c22 2Skyboy91
GRANDFic...OK I understand... I think...

Cute and saucy little scene! I certainly am looking forward to Fflewddur getting a new harp...and will be happy for Telyn to have her pick of musical toys to play with. ;-)

This is so appropriate after that last chapter! What a special new pairing in the little world of Prydain, and I'm looking forward to many new adventures to come with them, even beyond "The Scion."
8/22/2020 c22 5ZosiaDetroit
I LOVE it! :D Thank you so much for this grandfic (a coinage I will continue to use even if no one else does). You captured Telyn perfectly. Oh, and that harp will seem even more significant after future chapters of The Scion. ;)
8/10/2020 c21 68NullNoMore
Oh that is so sweet and playful, I love it. It would have been drowned in a larger piece, so I'm glad it's here.
8/8/2020 c21 5ZosiaDetroit
I'm so glad you posted this here! Even if you couldn't quite find a place for it in Daughter of the Sea, it's a worthwhile addition to the world painted in that story. Also, I absolutely /adore/ that final line!
8/8/2020 c21 2Skyboy91

And so timely. Poor Gwydion, I feel so badly for him. Someone should write a fanfic from his point of view...

6/5/2020 c20 Skyboy91
I really appreciate when your writing adds more grit and reality to the brief words on the page, and this is a perfect example of…“what is The Chronicles of Prydain were re-written for adults?” Nothing too violent or too sexual, that would be well outside of LA’s vision, just a little more adulthood and reality. The realities of sleeping at camp…how did they manage it, exactly, if not in a similar way to this? But we don’t get those kinds of details in the novels.

We seldom see a vulnerable Eilonwy, normally always so in control of herself, and with hardly ever a self-doubt. But how could she not be scared and shaken, after what almost happened to her? She could have had a life worse than death, as a permanent slave in Dorath’s camp. And how can she not imagine it happening again, if the companions are captured or mostly killed? They are in the middle of a war, and there are plenty of evil men out there besides Dorath, in league with Arawn and otherwise. Taran is admirable in how he tries to console and comfort her, as much as his sense of propriety might get in the way…but it is easy to understand her deep and abiding fear, and that she did manage to keep going forward from this point is a testament to her courage.

As a romantic writer, I like how you remember the little things that familiar couples tend to forget or take for granted…how nice it feels just to touch, to hold hands, to feel each other’s breath. And especially, how they felt the first time... You still managed to throw in a bit of levity, as I try to imagine Dallben putting up with a pet wolf, and I chuckled at their own wry assessment of how they each smell at this point in their travels. At the end, I love their own tacit promise to each other, if they ever get back alive…and the pleasant places that thought takes them, finally bringing them a little peace and sleep.
6/5/2020 c19 Skyboy91
I had to go back and review this scene in the book, and as sweet as it was, it was much too short – so I’m glad to have your feeling and insight into what was going through her mind at that moment. Yes, it couldn’t have been easy to know what to say, what with everyone crowding around, and never ending life being bestowed right and left. But I’m sure Taran felt all these words from her, even if they remained unspoken (for the moment, I’m sure she got around to using them all eventually)… and much more.

She still has to go through the events of tomorrow, and endure some more pain, at first as sharp as arrows as you said in a previous story, and later, as you have told me, a little annoyance pricking at the back of her mind…after all, what does the fate of Prydain matter, if they couldn’t be together? Stupid Assistant-Pig Keeper.
6/4/2020 c18 Skyboy91
As Eilonwy said, “Oh!” This is so soft, sweet, lovely and brilliant.

Your words float like ice crystals, and even though I’m sitting here in June, I got a sweet little shiver. You’ve captured every beautiful winter day I’ve ever seen, and set a little snow globe on the page.

But the beauty of the scene quickly turns into another reality check for Taran, as he gets a little more of the picture of how the poor girl has lived her life to this point, and although she is a princess, how much richer he has been, in terms of having a home, and people to care about. And his instincts are usually pretty good, turning that pain into joy, with some good winter fun, and maybe a few snuggles. The sweetness of the couple as they play together is so poignant…I know they are always there in the back of your mind, doing something romantic, similar to how they are in mine.

The little Geraint flashback even adds more to the pathos and the preciousness. And the delicious comfort of knowing she has a home, for her must be priceless.

If this is your favorite, you picked a lovely one.
6/3/2020 c17 Skyboy91
This is a novel quality chapter… in fact a version of it, as a flashback - if Gwydion were ever introduced into the story - would be a great addition to DoTS in my opinion.

I know you see Gwydion as two-dimensional and a bit dull from a writer’s perspective, but this is fantastic writing, and you have him perfect - down to his tendency to speak in proverbs – but with a wonderful splash of humanity thrown in, that makes him not dull at all, but a flesh and blood man. We have discussed the torch he has always carried for Angharad, but seeing Gwydion struggle with his own emotions, and his own failures, as he tries to console and appease Taran, is quite emotional and completely amazing. Gwydion always had an obvious attachment to Eilonwy, and this makes it so clear, that he saw her as the daughter that never was, but could have been, and to an extent, a reflected image of the woman he loved. And as he told Taran, losing her would amount to losing that last bit of humanity in himself.

I like that this is written from Gwydion’s point of view, something I suppose we never saw in the chronicles directly, but it adds to the wider ranging novel feel of the piece. And watching Taran stand up to him, “one man and another,” is another treat we seldom or never saw. And the sadness – “a monument to a buried idol,” is a powerful image.

Taran’s final question, and the nobility of Gwydion’s answer - with the suppression of the pain of his own long ago dashed hopes - is a fitting conclusion to this incredible piece of writing.
6/2/2020 c16 Skyboy91
This is a powerful piece, and captures your Eilonwy so well, and I think now, a good long while after you first wrote it, ties her so closely to Angharad, and the difficult choices her mother had to make, just to bring her into the world. The gossamer thread, and the colors in the flames, ties this so closesly to DoTS in my mind. I love the thought of her standing in a new tower at Caer Dathyl, maybe one that Taran had built just for her, when he glimpsed her looking often in the direction of the sea.
6/2/2020 c15 Skyboy91
Oh Wow. I love this one. I LOVE this one. You've got perfect adult mode Fflewddur here...the inner workings of his wonderful, kind and sentimental mind. I love that he had the thought, and would have given all he had willingly, but realized just as quickly it was not to be, that she was destined for different things. But he can still love her. He can still love them both, and be loved by them.
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