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for Putting all looks aside

8/7/2014 c7 14KayDeeDee
I. Am. In. Love. With this fanfic!
3/30/2014 c7 Guest
I love the way you write Sadie! The show didn't give her much of a personality and I'm glad you're making up for it. Please update this soon!
8/30/2013 c7 WishStar
This is so awsome I wonder what Courtney think of Duncan new relationship? It be so cool if she was ok with it. Because I think the reason why she was upset with them was because they went behind her back instead of upfront with her. So like maybe let Courtney stand up for Sadie. Glad you finaly up dated
8/16/2013 c7 NerdyNightStocker
Chef was actually lenient on the contestants for once! They should consider themselves lucky! Props to Sadie for telling everybody off for being nosy jerks! I love how natural her and Duncan's relationship is... Katie snitching on the group makes sense despite the fact that it would've gotten Gwen in trouble too. But nobody ever said Katie was intelligent... Their new plan sounds slightly more feasible (though who knows if Heather would actually agree to assist Gwen in any capacity). This is one of my favorites stories in this category so far so I'm looking forward to seeing this new plan in effect!
8/8/2013 c7 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
I only hope that Gwen's plans won't work. Of course Katie told on them. I was actually surprised Chef didn't paddle any of them. But I suppose he's just happy to keep this all a secret and get his sleep. This story is awesome. I'm amazed at how stringwilled Sadie was being.
8/8/2013 c7 57Technical Technicalities
That's because Cody isn't really hot. Lol Katie, I want to laugh and slap you at the same time. Oh Chef...

Anyway, would you like a Chrisney one-shot or story for your efforts?
7/30/2013 c6 NerdyNightStocker
Wow, Duncan's back to being that "juvenile delinquent with a heart of gold" that we miss from season 1! His date with Sadie had potential to be touching until the chaos of the show butted in, of course! Cody WOULD be up for plotting with Gwen to make Duncan jealous if only for the chance to be near her! Sierra picking DJ of all people to help her was great (sometimes that guy can be too Wussy for his own good)! AleHeather tagging along just to make Gwen miserable was hilarious! Gwen can be such a hypocrite and Sierra's quote about never hanging out with the goth is hysterical considering the storyline of "Turns Out They're Not So Famous" LOL! Here's hoping Chef doesn't completely muck up the ending of Dadie's first date!
7/27/2013 c6 Technical Technicalities
Only would that happen in Total Drama. XD I look forward to the next update
7/26/2013 c6 24ellie2498
Wow, everyone is a stalker today :)
7/26/2013 c6 5CompleteValidations
Love it. ( that's all I can say without looking like a complete stalker/freaky weirdo lol)
7/26/2013 c6 25Pepe's Red-Eyed Cousin
Awesome! Loved all the fighting in the boats! I wonder what Chef is gonna do to them?
7/26/2013 c6 46GreenPokeGuy
Haha, boat frenzy out there! This was too good!

I loved when Sierra jumped into Cody and Gwen's boat! Such a Sierra thing to do! XD

And of course Heather had to follow Gwen! She really will do anything to annoy Gwen, won't she? :P

And of course they get caught! I wonder what will happen? XD

7/1/2013 c5 Guest
I can't wait for the next chapter. X)
6/23/2013 c5 Guest
UPDATE SOON! I never thought of liking this! But it's awesome!
6/22/2013 c5 zana
please write more of this story
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