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for Call the Midwife: Sister Bernadette and Doctor Turner at Christmas

3/10/2013 c6 Guest
3/10/2013 c6 Guest
So cute I absolutely can't wait for the series 2 finale!
3/9/2013 c6 anonymous
Loved it, so glad you continued!
3/9/2013 c6 2MyDoctorNo10
Keep going, please! Can't wait to see what happens tomorrow in the series too!
3/9/2013 c1 MyDoctorNo10
Hehe! That's a pretty funny mistake Dr T made there. :)
3/9/2013 c6 3OnlyLove13
3/9/2013 c6 Guest
Please write more imediately
3/8/2013 c5 lori
Loving this story.
3/8/2013 c5 anonymous
Loved this! would be great if there was one more chapter to round it off but if not i look foward to other stories you write about this pairing! Well done :)
3/8/2013 c5 5turnadette
Oh no! Please don't let this be the last chapter!
Loved Sister Bernadette's little outburst. Had to smirk when the man from the Department decided suddenly that Poplar would get the TB x-ray van.
Oh please continue this :D
3/8/2013 c4 Guest
Nice chapter!
3/8/2013 c4 turnadette
That was beautiful!
I loved the Sisters' concerns for her.
Her saving the drowning child was perfect. It was almost as if it was another sign for her as to what God wants her to do. Very cleverly done!
I completely adore this. Please post more soon :)
3/7/2013 c3 anonymous
This story is just getting better and better! I'm really enjoying it, can't wait for more :)
3/7/2013 c3 turnadette
Fantastic. Just fantastic!
I absolutely loved Sister Bernadette helping Timothy, as I do with their relationship in the show.
Poor Sister Bernadette breaking down, and just when Dr. Turner was coming back to speak to her.
Timothy talking about her in the car was just too cute!
I'm in love with this! Please post more soon :D
3/7/2013 c3 3OnlyLove13
I really enjoyed this chapter. More soon please, xx
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